Tuesday 4 July 2023

 meanwhile, i have to STOP

writing something far more poetical elsewhere this is too  hurried to...

everything always is an attempt to find allies.

Give up (such a supreme example of a fake ally demanding she is part of a local  - new locality -  save the river initiative...  was all an illusion, madness...gicve up forever except writing and he odd bad poem...and maybe more one day -  there is a beatitude of amazing performance art material in 'here'...not quite ready yet)

As only one women i have ever known articulated - allies needed, simple straightforward, upright shoulders high,  backs together against the wall.... But is stuck herself...

off on travels, too here and there to concentrate  and never for more than an hour with a plug, again i put an update post in he pages section unwittingly

too late to matter