Friday 2 June 2023


 (sorry formatting gone another day)

 .....insults, death threats*, proposals...

my work phone is 07958 52 six three 81

only two are kept on my personal number now...and one, well, maybe she isn't as funny 

or brave as she states from her broomstick...

support post a few posts down this front page.

*  - my "voltaire updated,i will die for your undying right to write any old rubbish about me

 online, but i will retain my right

 to always have far better things to do than ever bother reading it"

I will be getting a bit of flack today as a great reveal on eco vandalism in my whole region 

also starts today. I have to actually leave the area...for good and i am mister free speech - for years....

 once even a little bit famous for it.

Simple life is to survive whilst...fighting...sometimes.

I am bulletproof...but in UK if you say that even the greatest mind i have ever met says that

 it is a bit "narcissistic" claiming so... i shall have to see...if she repeats that.... in silence.

For now....

 outside the establishment of
Londoner greatest eco criminal
 of them 
all.... just today.

Though unless i get a BIT of help on this (my OTHER SITE) , it will take time to fully upload years of film and 
snaps...and audio...lots of audio, and one must be NOT in Wales...nothing (i write)  ever is written in Wales..

I knew this woman. This newspaper article is an understatement - STASI came twice and frightened her...

This material NOT 'made' in Wales - they have a curiously old fashioned attitude to lore there...
 like back to mediaeval times, old fashioned...
But all is not doom and gloom! wow.... on the steps of the detestable arrestable destination, 
 just today, a new find !!!!
I test em! this one is for real !!!
( we always needed more in fact women than men in green stuff -unlawful
  logging contractors caught with their pants down, dont tend to run over 
women quite so readily with their 4wds... though in fact did 5 ish   years ago near Kington)

All from now on for a while (on this site)  - eco crimes...many ..lets start with the dead,  
Fake... Polly, their Queen... soon.... whom wouldn't know how to spell 'woman up' ...
despite very nice words to her a decade or more ago...

sad as for years a few of us sought our 'sisters' to take part... and they just cliqued off into...
.fucking yoga or some other self obsession....
Interesting how many then developed businesses in such self obsessions... a
nd of course scattering the cushions of " ohhh i so so so care about the fucked rivers...
and chickens.... " as if Cargill (who own Herefordshire are thick and didn't notice..
" hmmmm lots of facebook activity in Herefordshire...
but hardly a one came to even object in planning meets... wankers ....lets turn Powys, too into factory
 farming central... we know those boys love a few quid in their back pocket...and make SURE of  no dissent.."