Friday 2 June 2023

 And here is a GREAT book on ... well a dystopia. How a people can be silenced - fear... two faces everywhere, fear ...don't say THAT.

One of the very best  books on politics etc., from a personal perspective - there..

(fat slob kidult Michael Moore should be ... well i am a pacifist more 'walk awayist' - you always can -  so I never say 'shot' , for crimes against journalism - dumbing down the great example still set by Pilger..... and TAriq Ali, too...)

Nott here of course (by the shitpipes of the talking shop), no they would never silence anyone...would they

 I have held this book up to may younger people - i loosely mentor... as great example: "superb brave intelligent analysis, but... i also wanted to know... how did she smell, survive, eat, drink... ONLY these stories too make great books..that last forever..and also inspire the next generations...forever "
And what tricks did she use? to survive, to bridge across to those she may not be enjoyed by, so did she find a way in? 

I have mine...many

One day soon

ohh and myself...i long have had three books on the the babygrow! hahh hahhh..

One on the true eco fraud apocalypse, dull and sorrowful, one on roaming the byways - wonderfully fun stuff, especially as 2020 came along, and then free riding school for kids !!! paradise... and another - my true heart is into  - how to find a super duper REAL silver lining in all hardest possible grinding 'poverty' and hardship...and even a period of a few years when nature had her upper hand up my bum and was   turning me inside out....  others would call 'ill'... nope even that had serious fringe benefits.

 Time to finish them off... after asylum sought...i know where...