Monday 5 June 2023

 A fully evidenced fullest  storyboard i am working on, to weave together a whole series of film  taken in the whole area is in slow preparation. Names will be named. Properties, holiday camps ruining rivers, bigwigs including two Kington town councillors - three really...  several other bigwigs up and down this area that used to be one of the most unspoilt in England, and a whole range of supposed eco Messiahs...  who just ego maniaced over many years. Officials along the rivers Teme and Lugg (the funniest of all psueds - thanks to the lady who bought a house along it, in Presteigne last year and shared the contents of her survey - so many shipipes drain into it it's criminal.. yet the posture and pontificate those smallbrained bigwigs...for years i have them in my chronicles)

I mean ...we could start with the many photos and much film taken 2019 and 20 in the superb habitat around Herrock Hill to the east for some miles - my main stomping ground 8 years. A large landowner (details i must look up - nicely google accurate)  over two SPRING BREEDING SEASONS..against the wildlife and countryside  act,   would run a massive noisy felling operation IN THE BIRD BREEDING a place many birds had great sanctuary up in the hills..many would nest here ...(many hundred acres)  but that is not the real total acedia of it - it is the spin PR they did to make themselves sound like eco saviours and messiahs when they were breaking ha law.... simply because to use heavy machinery in drier months on very steep hillsides, would COST THEM A BIT LESS  - in the autumn and winter - entirely appropriate as felling time, a few down days due heaviest rain would have cost them perhaps 10% more....but you should see the PR signs..(it is seeminlgly almost deliberate the just-back-from-singlehandedly-saving-the -Amazon yummy mummy name so prominent on these fraudulent  signs) hide the fact that they were breaking many year in place simplest law...

Oh yes and i have many convos recorded with the three women i would meet fairly often who displayed to me such greaest distress at this... hen when they had a nice handwritten letter introducing each to each other as only i knew them..just from walks in hills and nice chats.... but were too fucking rude to even say hello in the street next time we... very popular people it seems...

Need fictionalising  at least.. as  as sure as ferrets are ferrets i don't think they know what real life is..

My chronicles: diaries, pictures, films,  audio recordings are so accurate and comprehensive it's daft.  All date and time stamped. All evidence beyond any reasonable doubt. And i can speak propper English unlike the Swampy types. So, will also write all the names places events accurately. Spelt accurately too. 

But i do not in any way in causing any unpleasant action. In fact i do no even believe in any non-violent protest or action that may damage property or the smallest hip flask or one wire of their barbed wire fences as not one of these people are worth wasting one smallest thimbleful of mother earth's resources in their shaming. Which hey will be immune to as well. But i believe a true 'history' really should last forever...  for future generations to laugh at their hypocrisy, too..