Monday 5 June 2023

Marches madness

ooohhh we have a lot of traffic his morning....

Having begun to publish ALL and sundry, i am in danger.

Furthermore several old laptops three external keyboards all intermittently faulty.. a week of full time PR means behind schedule and need a fixing things session first. Then fixing typos and bad design..

ALL future Marches eco madness  - crimes, and the true destructive aspect - the cynicism and acedia of environmental organisations and people, now go only on this new  page - live now.

Every day for 20 years i am up a5am on the...job 

and always answer a call 07958 526 three eight 1

unless one of the handful of ex 'employers' call who despite their perfect goody goody credentials they spin in the region, cannot read and don't pay their bills (very notable now since 2020 - they all go on facebook bragging of their 'community' love... well community, love, is paying for real-man work...DONE) .. why call? we have had months of that, just pay. 

(this is very common now in your fantasy nice-people holiday home region of only very selfish people, many who are total pseuds and frauds.  which does matter as so many mainstream luvvie famous media people colonised, too, as of 20 odd years ago..)

(though the superb pole  - extremely high achiever, is one of the few wise ones - very few - i have found maybe 3 in the last decade looking  -  knows as do i, many do not know they simply are fraud, people pleasing liars and  very damaging....unless like me one has learned who they all really are...behind the mask and three faces - hats the truly funny part, though so boring i many times nearly die of that - they are all so old hat as if we are back in some weird victorian lookinglass  all fogged up hey too lazy to clean it occasionally... jus as hey can be bothered to clear the extremely expensive - 30 grand i believe?  disabled ramp down to the  platform aside the river at Hay - many photos of that the last few years..i mean mounds of gravel! ... banks of nettles obstructing...not a few leaves..)

I live on nothing.

 i am ascetic - 20years live on simplest nothing so as to  be free to do maybe useful work, like this - no shopping except most essentials, simplest possible existence. 

investment in good books on all this, loans, mortgages on my one living adored ferret, whatever:

BEST by far 

Virgin bank Account name Mr S A Clayton

 sort: 82-61-39

account 00416711

or paypal @simonclayton2021