Monday 19 June 2023

 oh yes... superb REAL journalism

  except she missed out smells (hers after no bath a month) and.. some human... we need human

EARNEST AND SELF RIGHTEOUS...never worked, dear Green goddesses..

Monty Python

(as a born serious person i lament having to admit)

this book photod (it was a gift to yet another fake fickle...well not ';friend' as friends invite you to supper..)

photod in front of Hay sewers...smell like hell...roof rotten.. (many photos) and the £30 disabled ramp Josie i am quite sure has had on the media... a lot

hasnt bothered to herself or get anyone else to sweep mounds of grit... every time i have been here the last 2 years... 

and trim the nettles that make it impassable...even during 'festival' time..

yet of course theyll all be running to the doctors or some new specialist to get the labels for their kids "adhd" whatever else neurodivergent...which gives you a free pass 

from ever doing legal test cases..or helping with ANY cases...or going and scything the pathways that are needed to be cleared so the ACTUALLY 'disabled' can get to the ferkin river...and sit and stare 
(at R + G illegally strimming the SSSI the opposite bank...for their ecoglamping... cash cow)

rural simple work with mum, or fact the best way to remedy 'neuirobullshit' everyone has a fab skill...and anyone can gradually change...if parented the science proves...
unless obvious extreme 'on the spectrum' of a bit of their brain can be seen under the ...well without a microscope... definitely buggered by something that definitely the shit in their river

to be continued... birthday day ... no one cares
i am mad as i still do.
which i must NOT!
And dont tell the Serb as i promised i would not
so i dont really...
but she wished to write truths...
and hearing that JUST ONCE...means i can never forget.
Because it was at least a minorly 'hopeful' end of a really dull 20 year odyssey...
And i dont get the tricks the fairies play.. 
as i am intellectual and know one must be careful...and think...before gob, opening....
they are there - or in some iteration as in who knows..hologram, more likely just some ineffable other reality we do not have ANAY way into understanding so dont make money from it EVER.. 
if you ask me is a SAFE strategy as maybe they have fraudster trials in the
maybe their primary commandment is thou shall not pass onesself off as  someone whom.../ 
.... trades in what is unknowable