Sunday 9 July 2023

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 All browsers, from Bristol, or elsewhere.

Though if possible one would block access  to the region around UWE - where the real messianic BPD issues began in jobs 

(one cannot use the word career if something is built on myth as we now find thank god at last  - i have megga library of his contemporaries 

....Dawkins was wrong.. and REALLY hurt society with his spivvy all-at-the-gene  intellectually awry approach like Social Work and most of 'care'. 
As i knew when i went there, thirty years ago.

Lucky Escape :-)

(BUT - truly serious, not tongue in cheek - the way HAy festival as of 20ish  years ago around the time for 3 years they had Nestlee as main sponsor... (we were ashamed of!) ..hen EOS first class only airlines 2010 ..11... [i dobbed them in to bbc as incongruous with the many Monbiot ticket sales and other miscellaneous fake greens... millions in 'green' ticket sales... so Florence could fly first class only - Monbiot called his second home in West wales he rented out to locals a 'community'.. whom share their money with me,  to SHARE in my land in reurn..] .turned mister sexy Married to a Lala celeb Dawkins [ there may be a CLUE there!]  - as i saw first hand ..into wise all knowing sexy Oxford prof god-sage  ALL must believe, is almost as bad as Hitler the damage it has done to REAL philosophical thought and social policy and i am not joking) 

site = 

riffing upon important in fact crucial cultural change  - OPENNESS IS 'mental health' all 'posts' until a few months ago.

And that would be rude....

..... i dont call them that - Lord Justice Wall as good as did, and the superb film made by a WOMAN called 'Listen'  confirmed it... this site puts its toe there about 3 months ago

Then the last few months over to the CONNECTED matter of ALL 'environmentalists' went to UWE where they were turned into toxic Teletubbies... never mind learned compulsory colourful  hairdying strategies.. rather than the FACT

 'hairdye is a chemical, too...will ittoo meetoo....youtoo?.. damage the septic tank systems?. please debate?' 

the word 'debate' of course far too micro aggressive to their miniminds...nanoheads... 

i know as i spent far too long listening to their garbage and trying to ... 

(the funniest environmental strategy is nicely posing that question - it sorts out the microagressor addicted, from the ONE 'real woman' left on he planet...  she will still talk to you...

 [and knows eco initiatives REQUIRE for various reasons 40+ years known an equal amount of the two sexes working as team with fellowship and solidarity...not backstabbing as you dont have the same hi tech yoga mat as they have..and wish to reserve he right to be regional distributer of... or any yoga mat in fact as actually MOVING all day all day from dawn.....just to keep ones head above the shit in their mental sceptic tanks means my body is superfit...super supple... just to survive THEM..and their time waste!]

...... the others only know how to hissy fit, nowadays known as being far too rude to ever answer even a query "did you mean the three hour chat you were going to commit to being part of great river legal protection scheme set up by woman politician i am suggesting you could copy at your river..?..and you get the glory i have no one to watch my back!!."..[5 recorded very long kind discussions just the last 3 or 4 weeks - historical in bullshit content - poetical in fact - Homeric in gorgeous mad truth!] reply)

(to be cont - having about 6 weeks polled many " do you think AC was right.... i should write for posterity the TRUTH of... Rupert from Notting Hill and Camilla his  ex junkie hippy chic yurt addict  - as there is big cash in they can afford to buy more 'nature reserves' in Cornwall and get grants that pay for their mates to come and 'detox' at the yurts..far more likely to tox... but we dont mention that in out local authority grant apps.. and the UWE crowd destroyed environmentalism. and the Waitrose bags play at it... cos i am the only local dares to talk with hem without doffing my they SO SO love to control not-local 'gardeners' who come and they dont want LOCAL landsmen on their land knowing heir 'secrets' despite writing erudite essays in local magazines on 'buying local'..[The Waitrose lorries first made it our ex way...2020..i noticed and chronicled... just how many!.. i coined term 'Waitrose bags' around the same time as they all in local small towns do NOT show off heir big Waitrose bag - more local organic wholefood store bagged.... but see them in Horrorford or with their inner clique... then HUGE Waitrose bags seem compulsory attire..this is also a tripartheid subtle jab - on all the products they lust after to remain forever young...and the joke is on them as spirited old bags with lines from real battles who cannot afford the dyes..whom live in their REAL 'skin'... are FAR FAR sexier than all the Saffrons put together...].. .and herein many Homeric hilarious episodes...of flirtation, wandering eyes...especially 'debates' with....  [armed] Saffron...[2020].? ."... the answers are actually very interesting and via unplanned Socratic debate in meadows, castle grounds... i have the answer! )