Monday 7 August 2023

clayton v clayton 2006 ewca civ 878 did more HARM than good says Simon Clayton

As a thinker - ponderer, and philosophical person, I state how quite likely  this case, I ALONE chose to take forward - no one else was working on this issue,   did more long term HARM to citizens, than good.

(in a quasi fascist or fascist-lite society as we have  - the bossocracy in sure as ferrets are ferrets...a state that  monetises unsustainable approaches to 'caring' for troubled families etc., i made the skins of the baddies thicker!...longterm their unjust cruel actions - the case was designed to prevent, through exposure of baddie state actors even by name, became worse) 

I am quite sure no one has ever bothered pondering just this....

Reasoning set out in audio yesterday or day before all logged  at - but its all in a long argument that really starts through context  argued from around May. Main chunk of reasoning in the posts and audio at the weekend just gone.

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