Thursday 21 September 2023

my lifestory

Although summer this year I moved on at last from my old region - 13 years on 'standby' ... and i gave up 'causes' - the English don't like a 'fighter'... nevertheless one does from time to time attempt to engage folk in intelligent conversation. Myself I am intelligent enough to know that  it is not a very intelligent thing to Google anyone... Apart from 10+ years ago the internet becoming virtually one great big brochure -  to the more expert web savvy  designers - bigging up, or artifying their (service) industry  credentials - especially in the seemingly ever expanding worlds of 'wellness' and 'healing',  I know most stories are twisted or more often than not these days so so poorly written up - facts get lost. 

I find it bizarre anyone would think that google has any part of anyone that may actually matter if wishing to get to know any person. Just yesterday a truly great communicator woman i am a little acquainted with shared with me as possibly an important aspect to her that she sometimes senses she has a "coldness" comes over her, but she has absolutely no idea whatsoever if this is some part of her which may ever lead to any act.  So what are these past 'stories' of people, some of which may be poorly covered or even scandalised online,  for? In my opinion no more than inane gossip.

But having heard of late a few new encounters - in a new mode where I am crystal clear with anyone i gave up caring!  never mind actually furthering any causes,  bizarrely (no reason!) I have heard at times "i googled you".

It occurred to me - so down my list of life priorities, what with trying to make certain points about legal cultures, i never actually give the simplest context of actual facts of my life as lived.  The real bits that are unquestionable. Although in a funny way i consider myself lucky (if people actually do think that ones nature can be understood from internet tattle), even if i bet most people are so lost in their googling addictions they cannot think: especially after a little subtle attack on me in 2010 and maybe  several other occasions over the years up to 2018 (always - its ALWAYS about my kid... only issues i have EVER had with authority it is always connected only with my kid - the internet wont tell you that!) , where its pretty clear that there was a revenge period - maybe even emanating from   a certain Minister's office - subtly...

One thing is for sure: if i had even axe murdered one of our many bunny rabbits, to put it on a barbeque nice fresh wild game meat ... there would be a story somewhere .....  think what is NOT there...

Anyway here is a too long actual real version of my actual life story. Just for the record. (and yes its the last 13 years that are in fact in a literary or even philosophical sense far more interesting...) That is the book i far far prefer to write one day. As it is about really living... real living i discovered happens when there is no life left to live. Just as you can only truly be alive when you know and accept death. 

Downloadable mp3 from a safe google drive filestore. 


22 Sept 2023

ADD IN UPDATE - see  post above (after)  this entry

I hardly even mentioned in the audio  above...... today another case, even if tragic, of a so poignant but so  necessary story coming out... I started that (and as a matter of principle, Straw announcing he would overturn,  fought Dec 2008- april 2009 to retain that principle in law - even if it may be that a few months later the state took subtle revenge on us... because he knew i was VERY VERY...good.... you don't force a public u-turn of one of the Governments most powerful ministers, quite alone, without them knowing about you... Straw without ANY doubt knew ONLY I (using several national newspapers but only I)  caused his embarrassing newspaper headlines early 2009 accusing him directly of lying to parliament)