Saturday 2 December 2023

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To browse the story of  the legal changes, go to bottom right hand corner and click on 'older posts' and the new write ups (all still messy draft format)  start from  early in 2023  through May 2023 - trying to explain what the case of 2006 achieved. With some jingly bells thrown in to spice it up. 

There were three major advances. 

The first i am most proud of - bringing in via  publication of the final phase of the child residence case (i 'won' - it was fought tooth and nail ALL the way, until after several years of no case the other side were advised nicely to grow up, or else) the UKs first fully promulgated (meaning,  by published preceded in the law journals)    written parenting agreement (or sometimes parenting plan). Esti even went on Radio 1 in 2006 to talk about her agreement as the first in the UK  (and also known as 'child's bill of rights'). A few years later this approach was recognised as so important it became DEFAULT in all the 100s of thousands of child cases. The initial application form to go to court was updated around 2010  requiring a parenting agreement before any proceedings can commence (in effect). Making it clear this was almost prerequisite prior any legal proceedings.

Secondly of the publication of the case judgement IN FULL (very uncommon) broadcast to the whole child law profession (very deliberately and for the first time, really) that all cases can and should be voluntarily mediated.  NO dispute is beyond mediation. (rather than making  fighting talk court orders ). And very subtly, but critically and revolutionary,  that a NO court order is always best. Meaning the parents should rather write a peace treaty themselves (the agreement - thus 'owning their own future'). Mediation also became virtually compulsory a few years later in the court system, prior to any court proceedings. This case publicised that as essential change.

And thirdly the big showbiz test case change:  far more openness by default. And that the 4th estate -media, should hold to account the  at times very dubious child law system (and other areas of law also). A completely new legal culture of openness by default. By my precedent. NO ONE ELSE was even considering challenging the several decades secrecy (Diplock courts) by default....  and EVERYONE said it couldnt be done

Item 3 was eventually played around with by the powers that be and in effect reversed (no one had ever complained!) by 2013...   ONLY because of frankly awful  follow up legal campaigning by my successors (i.e. legal advances against the vested interests need to be protected over time  i had had enough myself, and others needed to step up but never did ) AND  truly abysmal journalism - especially the last two years. The secrecy / reporting issues came back to a head a few years ago with supposed new 'consultations' and reforms -  the EXACT same issues once again that my test case 2005-6 had so fully dealt with  - so many judges and civil servants consulted and legalised around my matter and all were happy with the 2006 outcome (MILLIONS spent in consultations and legal cases) .  I listen to the latterday journalists covering this matter regularly THEY feature on The Today program -     Berg, Tickle etc  and despair at their ineptitude (and arrogance, and a curious narcissism in their coverage making it so much about their journey in the reporting of it all....rather than mothers, fathers, and children who's lives are ruined by the dodgy dealings we all know are still quite a routine occurrence in this legal system )  ... in fact its THEY wo feature..i hardly ever hear the REAL voices of mothers and fathers who have stories of how the system is STALINIST AND MAOIST as Wall LJ himself said it can be in his first interview upon being appointed boss (even if he had been for the previous few decades as everyone knew   his Ties interview was it 2013 IMPLIED he agreed with a recent statement saying just that... even if nazis a better word)

The point of "Clayton" as Wall would cutely call me, was the PARENTS personal stories told by THEM...would by default be out there 

not ferckin Tickle's actors...

 I made an attempt  earlier this year (five years on my desk - have a go at last) to have a go and  try and attract some interest / finance to develop a good film on it all early this year, but didnt reach target. A bit of cash needed to work on finding allies to start first steps of taking it to a roper film.

I must get down to at least writing out properly  the story. For posterity. Maybe even a book. But have been merrily meandering in a van mainly for two years without electricity and thus dont have the time with laptop even to tidy up this. (the youth and in fact others in this country are raised nowadays so truly feral that i can rarely even find a library where there is any quiet so as to think).

Anyone wishes to supply a shed with a plug for a few months they can have a written pledge of a slice of anything that maybe one day may be made if ever published.