Saturday 9 December 2023

 it is fun to advise a sweet walking Pole the 'problem'... in Polish NO FERKIN SOLIDARITY

as soon as Fakebook came along all the previously great fellowship among the 'oppressed' disolved into toxic sludge...

And as i have a superb 'study' on this continuing into ALL aspects of uk environmentalism, and the last six months have an even better little look at how all uk born  supposed right thinking middle aged people.. simply people please when it comes to ANY solidarity on the environment. I give up.

And after a suitable period of adjustment to quote fabulous is soon time to write up some of this

meanwhile all was worth it just to meet one of these authors - THE one who needs to be minister of children and families too...

and THE great new childrens books (i see them as a 'movement'... she means it! all the way)