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Dystopian BBC 'reportage' Sancha Berg and others. 12 Jan 2024

 new audio explaining the SOP of BBC 'claims' that their valiant reporters have achieved something

The point i missed, was that the 'system' DESIGNED it so that Jane public will feel all is well, without understanding the real life effects as i describe. 

Genius extremely thoughtful KAFKA...



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I AM A HAPPY TRAMP LIVING OFFGRID 2YEARS - Circs Strained By YOUR mine, all is well

This whole site is a almost a travelogue, starting a few years ago.  But as of a year ago ('older posts' bottom right hand corner) I weave in critique of the absurd new campaigning journalists with what was planned to be my own  largely interesting tales of the 003-6 matters - told engagingly, rather frankly. And  with far more real 'journalism' about law than these latter-day pipsqueak journalists can ever manage. Then the begging bowl came out (planned 2020 - postponed obvious reason) to attempt to get funding for film... see the magnificent film i feature in explanations of the issue last February here as so incredibly REAL - i have seen those things happen with MY own eyes i bet Tickle and co ran for REAL life..

That film so brilliantly describes what is happening day in and out... which wont be reported as no newspaper will run the story " sexy sultry Portuguese sexpot Simon is in love with and wanted to Abduct from Love Actually first moment he set eyes on her, treated like terrorist by social services who also abused  so vilely her  deaf daughter" cos they cannot Show a PICTURE of gorgeous Lucia..or even say where she lives due 'triangulation'. Or even that she is Portuguese i bet.. in some 'anonymised' 'public' judgement or 'reportage'... still under construction, meaning needs a damn good edit and all those other things like tagging and indexing... but the real story (i spent 20 years no one in UK REALLY cares... especially in journalism where of course most are childless homos of one trans human form or other... strange when 96.4% of actual humans  still reported in the last census they were good old fashioned hetro..most of whom eventually do wish kids also) .

Between 2004 and 2009, and a little the following 5 years I dealt  one-on-one with GREAT senior women journalists at GREAT length. Sometimes many hours at a time chats.

Clare Dyer Guardian, Frances Gibb Legal ed Times (her and i had the first narcissistic Orwellian journo Camilla Cavendish removed from covering family justice she was so bad - i have the email from Gibb to prove that) , Elizabeth day of the Telegraph, Tessa Cunningham The Mail, Karen Griggs ITV news reporter - 10ish interviews her and I, etc etc... 

I have seen, and in my case more often heard, an Orwellian cabal take over the UKs daily 'program of record'   radio 4 Today (and Panorama)    in the  form of these simply appalling so called  journalists who inherited their fine work in the earlier period where we did change society for the better. 

This on a subject where (yet another Berg failure in Today) Munby   wrote for me in his winter 2005 paper that being hanging is abolished the most severe  act the state can do to a citizen is [unlawfully] remove a child..And thus it must require FULLEST real scrutiny. The version (of imaginary court reportage)  delivered by Berg and co the last few years (they are complicit in NOT reporting the history) is only a sop to give Berg and co access to the judges spinning this. I   have heard  no journalism in many BBC hours on this topic the last few years. Not  even one slightly awkward question of anyone in authority,.Stalin would be proud of such a hatchet job - cutting out the bit of the brain of these so called journalist that may have once worked on their journalISM degree courses.. Errata GCSEs

(which among other things has NEVER referred to this huge subject being fully dealt with by massive test case - mine and TWO Whitehall consultations and millions of words of newsprint in 2004ish to 10ish...all in favour of MY legal 'lacuna'...and many judicial papers and speeches ditto)


radio 4 Today program 12 Jan 2024

14 minutes in (expires 12 Feb 2024)


in my filestore

of Ms Berg selling herself, not justice, or journalism, simply herself. And lying.

It is dystopian spin, spun ONLY to make Berg and Tickle look like Joan of Arc: "a litigant can talk to us. We can 'report'. "

These cases are usually at least 9 months over at least 3 or 4 days in court (where the litigant may have to wait all day for their 20 minute slot). Most go on for many days. To 'report' a case a journalist would have to attend every minute of the case. Impracticable to say the least. And as for 'evidence' if a litigant is seeking out the journalist: These cases are largely done on paper (or rather the papers and statements become THE 'record'). And every single piece of paper generated by CAFCASS Social Services psychologists etc etc... and finally the judiciary, is a prize winning piece of spin in and of itself.  Only a litigant may have a more truthful real version of events to relate to a journalist (after hearings or a case) but how on earth can any journalist take the word of a litigant especially if they 'lost' when every single official piece of paper is DESIGNED to spin away  from any fact of injustice or malpractice. Kafkaesque to the nth degree... Berg complicit.

( i have dozens of great examples as do many thousands of other campaigners  - my favourite even if it destroyed his life was that of a father of 3 kids denied ever seeing his kids again in 2014 by a judge on the grounds of his 'alcoholism' when attached to that judgement is an official court commissioned medical report on the father stating his hair/blood and other medical tests showed NO alcohol abuse - of course today the judiciary have wised up so as to not allow such glaring evil injustices be so easy to see from the paper trail.... thats what their education became for... spin far more effectively...  or just as persuasively a well known mother in 2010 had her second child removed from her permanently  - the adoptees paid huge sums of money too, when the court papers show her first child a teen explaining how great her mum was - i knew them both, and said teen alone was obviously an adequate carer for her younger sister had the hatchet job by the authorities on mum not been total.)

Lord Strathclyde

Lord Strathclyde's full title is The Rt Hon. the Lord Strathclyde CH. His name is Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Sue Reid

a REAL journalist and thinker

The late Denise Robertson a REAL journalist and thinker (even if she adopted MY thrust and sort of called it theirs..)

You can see Denise grilling Straw in the video here in my other filestore

ALL her good work in VAIN due these shabby narcissistic latter day children, not deserving the name 'journalist'

she would be turning in her grave at these appalling toxic Teletubbies calling themselves 'journalists'.

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And the baddies

Sancha Berg

It would make me ill to even see a picture of her

Her sidekick

photo taken at 12.00

Its all they are .." i get a go on the BIGgirls media look at me" for their social meemeemeedia


promoting an obvious fraudster as we knew a DECADE ago

Natasha Phillips ناتاشا فیلیپس

"The UK's first Child Rights journalist. Stories in The Times, Byline Times, The Independent."

(reference my video waffle above)

SO stupid and immature, give a girl a BBC mic and she will 7 or 8 years ago singlehandedly ruin decades of work by good people, myself included, where we explained and lobbied, to society - experts and politicians never mind when we had SANE media, as top FBI Man Frank did.... children should be NOWHERE NEAR 'decisions' about their future


All good fun....simply because i care history and the end of ANY good education in the UK is...chronicled

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