Friday 12 January 2024


From: Simon Clayton []
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Subject: FW: BBC whistleblower




Two emailings out only, to grown up journalism  

Perhaps one of you may take interest.

If so 07958 526381


Quite simply as a lifelong (40 years of an adult life) democrat and scholar of good journalistic standards,  the BBC  - once ok, has sunk to a new low. Although this is something i have a fully referenced chronicle of over the last two years.


Someone needs to take em down,... or begin to hold them to account for a gross and indecent waste of public time and money. I have a full professionally sourced and referenced write up on what follows. ( some is on my website  - link below)


If you scroll down to the first of these short forwarded emails you will see a link to my site where i begin to try and write a sane and punchy summary critique of what is the (2 year) culmination of a  celebratory BBC journey into justice reform. Their two main journos Berg and Tickle have ‘lead’ the charge.

( i live off grid and all of many laptops have bust keyboards hence so many typos – i am extremely literate and have read Bernhard’s Extinction...twice...)


It’s not going to get a Pulitzer being a rather dull subject to the great majority, however there are 100s of thousands of citizens (all parents)  who  know of (and ONLY celebrated) my important work and how literally the BBC cabal of worst journalists in history have simply destroyed a most valid use of the fourth estate. These two journalists and their infantile production teams, have singlehandedly destroyed. (it really is very obvious how).


I am ALWAYS right. On December 29th 2008 i alone told all the top broadsheets and many senior legal campaigners, that Jack Straw had hoodwinked parliament. All said i was on drugs, and needed sectioning. Only two  months later The Times legal editor ran a piece i had all but written for Frances Gibb  then legal ed, advising the nation Straw was a “hoodwinking” lowlife. Within a few weeks on the telly he did a u turn on the subject i alone put everyone right on....






From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 13:27
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Subject: BBC whistleblower


Hi i used to be a fairly well known person to Sue Reid your superb elderly stateswoman of a REAL journo! campaigner and uks most successful MEDIA LEGAL activist


I sent this to her at an old email address i have for her


Or maybe someone else may like to expose this dystopian narcissism at BBC  - i have full chronicle





From: Simon Clayton []
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Subject: womanshour/ FW: LORD STRATHCLYDE (and Hanning)


Hi you will have had Tickle/Berg on today

They are frankly a travesty to journalism

Says the ONLY person who had the ‘court secrecy’ issue entirely reformed 2006 alone... me

They are now obstruction in their complicity


(MANY senior women journalists from 2005 supported me in PERSON Claire Dyer, Frances (f) Gibb legal editor Time, Sue Reid Daily Mail, Denise of ITV This Morning, many others (see my newsprint on site below)


From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 13:02
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Subject: hi if you are still on this YOU get the big congrats


Hi Sue
hope you are well.

Just attempting to keep some real true version of history as the awful newage journalists make it about THEM


07958 526381