Wednesday 20 March 2024


 (one of the enemies of real thinking, long ago i knew was sadly the kind of failed selfish onlymee ... not metoo i am part of the had work solution, in Tolle 'Power of Now' type self obsessive books..)

For a year, four really...i have meanadered, randomly engaging  with many may parents - mainly mothers, on the reality of the psychological environment for them and their children in the UK.

Getting under the skin into the truth.

Which quite simply is that in the EU the psychological environment for  even families in the bottom 1/3 is far far healthier than UK, where so much did become a somewhat dystopian hall of cracked mirrors, and  the shards strewn, tools for self harming both the self and in turn the children.

I am lucky, i did my bit.

But  know the truth, that what we hear on a recent not very good radio 4 documentary

The Trouble with Parenting

Some children are violent towards their parents. It’s a pattern of behaviour that can begin as young as three years old. What’s the solution for families?  is in fact understating the reality of  millions of families with troubled kids  - there is VERY little self harm and teen hard drug use in most EU societies,  and 'mental health' issues are considered uncommon. (in the last 9 months roaming the Cornish Coastal path meeting young Europeans they confirm this daily) Here, these things ARE modern UK childhood. 

There WILL be in decades to come many more Lucy Letbies...

Or some or other perverted variant. And they weren't born that way.

And thus, at last  i fact i have, written up more engagingly what i KNOW from years involved with mainly mums in a mess at home....  and some dads too, what i know to be of no use, now, as there is so much dysfunction, damage. 'toxicity', but may be useful to a future generation, if and when, today's maybe 40 somethings... just maybe start to look at cause and actual real effect. 

It is in my irreverent memoirs on another website - only a few people i trust - those i have felt are more spirited no nonsense, no backstabbing,  people,  are ever nudged to have a look at.

Thousands of pages and audio waffle.

Soon, if i can ever perhaps get some  publishing or other income - i never seek (the crowdfund here a year ago for specifically a film is not how i like to operate). Or have never sought, until now. Mainly because i enjoy just poetically riffing  -  having realised that ALL (our - there were others) work on best psychological healthy futures for kids, we worked on from 2003 ish...  has failed. And a whole cohort of truly awful rather narcissistic bossocracy administers everything to do with the family nowadays....often subtly  - for instance bringing perfectly good mums and dads into a school by Presteigne a year ago for a little chat about the parents' wish to not have their  5 7 and 9 year olds subject to quite inadequately tested molecules stuck into their arm.. especially when the science is clear on one thing, that kids are more likely to be harmed by may other pathogens than the 2020 one which culled average age group into their 70s... 2020 of NO interest to me except that revving up to assist various local families in drugs drink or other  harming behaviours... i saw time and again the inability of parents some known some years, to calmly put aside their own disproportionate fears and keep things balanced nicely for their kids.

And thus i gave up. Forever. Caring... there is no point when no one can listen to ageless common sense ways of being with kids....  But i do care if possible to leave behind a range of good useful true stories.  And i have been VERY busy a year waffling and jotting them elsewhere all for free.... 

Probably soon i will put the links here too.

(great pride a few weeks ago that when Steaknife was named - as UK gov paid assassin - deliberately killing off Catholics in the 'troubles' so as to INCREASE IRA Sean McPhilemy wrote of in his lifechanging  banned book  The Committee - i sold in my bookshop from about '97.. he is now entirely vindicated  - he suffered massive state sponsored persecution from the late 90s... i featured on the same pages of Price QCs top cases

 as Sean - not many of us... and the freedom of speech case was far more important than  the press, then,  allowed....  Price knew it was a 'revolution'  - as did Sophia Cannon  - barrister at Matrix, top UK rights  legal chambers

(see the tab for ITV This Morning film    ) 

One Day..i may get to tidying all my webpages up.... detypoing... indexing better

Because i do know one thing above all - many under 40s i riff with on all aspects of rather bonkers UK modern society - from disastrous environmental matters, to UK providing the last 6 months AWACS coverage in the Gaza genocide...   to the ever increasing disparity between top and bottom of society - widest gulf in Europe...  the younger people dont understand how to REALLY engage fully in the democratic process, which is not about silly Extinction Rebellion costumes (and even more hairdye and thick make up residue ending up down the drains)  but is about organising to efficiently counterbalance greedy big business, and local government which became only their ringmaster... and back pocket.  And above all it MUST be 'fun'  - life affirming ...  as my own years from 2003 were, most of the time, between occasional periods of almost terror... or you cannot keep going no matter what the throw at you. Or say as i do daily i would not have one second of my life ay different over my last 30 years....  even months of seconds where i thought there was never a chance of even smiling again. And this is a valuable resource for.... them.... any fairly spirited younger democrat...

Though from my vantage point: trusted insider  - at times given the truths of families in a bit of a mess...  categorically i have shared with the few i like for real the last fewyears, "take your kids over to Europe to live if you possibly can... not safe here any more...even the small borderland towns of Hay, Kington, Knighton Presteigne, i knew well - many very damaged psycho people on the street.... that is not going to get any better, and the 'caring' social worker/ wellness class seem to think their magical thinking - 'manifesting' 'positive change' / vibrations... which in fact is smiley vudu... will make one jot of difference....  i knew may of their kids too....  most did not have good access to both parents after some separation as thats   " we care...a child has decent access to both parents.... unless ... dad eats sausages sometimes as we dont... or mum feels she is the  latest Shakti manifestation, as her diaries say so... and we dont believe in that hogwash... " I have been VERY well acquainted with (middle class - though they all deny) spiritual and other new age belief systems - as they took over almost all The Marches as of 15 years ago....  and those 'Buddha' like zen Steinerish parents i discovered were the very worst of all  at compromising.... even for the sake of their 'divine little newsoul ...' their kids...

Pandemic of only atomised narcissistic behaviour everywhere..

Though i DO have a few fabulous examples in my diaries of how to ACTUALLY do it all... perfectly...just a few could 'listen' and learn.... from what went before ... 

 Even my many year main 'friend' from Hay (no other links - awful place, Primrose Hill or Kensington on Wye full of very hard drugs), a man with senior responsibilities in a large church, immigrant of 25 years,  who for years has also voluntarily looked after the local kids football team,     recently said to me he GETS it! 

That UK youth is mad and toxic. (many years denying this) After a recent teen football match where a young  lad  - not even teen...being remonstrated with by the referee, threatening a booking,  AUTOMATICALLY shouted back " you book me and i will tell everyone you are a paedo .." after which they had to have an emergency administrators  meeting ow on earth does one respond to that?!  (lie - categorical...UK false allegation capitol of the world - even the kids have caught that illness....)