Tuesday 13 February 2024


In a few weeks i will be sticking here my last year riffing pages. Links to another identity (clearly me)

Riffing into attempting to find some sane collaborators about the FACT that UK has driven its kids nuts...

Far more interesting, how, as of 2014ish when prior then parents - about 2/3 women, 1/3 men, i could always tell if they were telling the truth when they called for lay legal advice - almost always requiring DAYS of close in one on one time preparing the story for the court statement required for an imminent round of court. Many would. I would spend 20 or more..sometimes 50, going over the strategy and story... and they considered me (due my press) on their side!

And they would...almost always - tell the truth  (i would never wish to lay-legal support someone on drugs, drink or genuinely wonky and a danger to kids). I think only one of my assistees was an out and out sad lost cause. giving a false version. (though very smiley and had all the right words about how the local authority had oppressed her for years). From 2014 or 15 it was no longer possible to tell  - what was any truth.......some bizarre extreme attention seeking or even fantasy version of the soul was arising.

I close down all here

did i link these pages....?? i am very busy writing and youtubing elsewhere....have Been..a year.











I should have stayed in Portugal and married the wonder woman there... except she died a few years on... 

see entries here early spring 2023 ref this