Friday 12 April 2024


A silly bullshit obsession of the Potty woman...

(my new friend Saxon, over at ..a non brit, lawyer...scholar of human rights lore.... got it "all this absurd hype over  what only 3% of the population is theoretically 'interested' in,  being at the last census it was 96.5% only care about gender, the other one, and gettin' it on sexually having SEX.. with the OTHER  is a TERRIBLE TYRANNY  of a diversion away from what ' freedom of speech' is always for....truth to power against the profiteering "vested interests" to quote another hoped for wonderful new homeschooling friend.... be they nazi profiteering family 'justice' cabals..or polluters etc....)

not that i cared or do care about any naughty act done to me for 14 1/2 years... bridges, are for healthily pissing a stream of fresh new happy fizzy piss, under....

 we have a...simple

descriptor... .. label even, ...'type'...of what i wasnt looking for....  (searchin', was typo)