Monday 8 April 2024


 simplified version, soon

Having today spent 4 hrs chatting with a minorly famous woman  - a recent enjoyed acquaintance, about her  "retirement" from a nationally prominent public role - indeed the first ever woman in that role for centuries......pushed out after a bloody totally neutral tweet...  

i need to try and write more clearly about what free speech needs to mean...NOW 

as i know everyone has lost track of what it was FOR,... and i do not refer to only the nazis of the so called justice system.  In fact to me its almost more important that if one were to walk in to a provincial cafe or pub and speak of "   my  '  free speech'  to publish photos of your litter strewn rivers in supposed top eco tourism destinations", there would be some there thinking " he needs a good punch as he will cost local jobs...  smart arse bloody incomers and goody goody trouble makers" ....just reporting fact. 

Of course " ehh mate... your girlfriend, some may call weird, not me... for refusing to have her kids jabbed in 2021... if the school had made up false allegations about her, suggesting as well as that heinous crime, she also forced them to watch on endless loop reruns of Cornwall being thrashed 100 nil  by Devon in the  Past Eating world cup... and had her kids removed on cruelty grounds may then NEED a bit of  actual free speech yourself ... "

i.e. the redneck ignorance has taken over, everything...  so it needs to be formulated in as simple and unequivocal parables as possible, so even the great majority - the really really thick, can no longer have any mistake as to why... many people bravely fought for free speech generations ago.. so they have the right to be so damn ignorant and not be arrested for it.