Sunday 7 April 2024


 @jk_rowling As arguably one of UK's main free speech (successful) legal activists see i follow matters free speech. Your efforts great stuff. BUT these last 7 yrs of 'identity' utterly dilutes what FS was for - to protect the small person against the (twas ever thus!) tyranny of power greed, etc. Be it the church in the past, or in the (in)justice system nowadays

to BE continued


where i just added

(and i wouldnt even go and fuck a wonderful trustworthy prostitute in this awful country of false allegations  - victim olympics, without being supplied in writing in triplicate that  all allegations of feelings-crime must receive one written warning prior to running crying to the feds)

but a lot of crossover at my other site


- but there is the rub, silly people, sad losers.... with nothing better to do than the UK national hobby - trying to dob someone else in for something..even i believing in 100% openness only show my main riffing site to those i meet face to face and can trust, as you simply never know.... what militaristic nasty man may still be googling you every day as he started to 2009 preparing to steal my daughter as he failed to be father to his... ( a REAL father moves to where they are taken to)

there i faux seditiously riff a bit and it IS being alive - you stick your own failings in FIRST

(as emailed to today sunday morning...ive been on this subject 20 years love...usually at dawn....i spoke out about the justice system when wrongly in a stone hotel - my ex* friend, (Withnail) Bruce Robinson's name for a gaol.....NO ONE in uk did that ever.... i was basically the first 2003... and won ALL my battles changing law in the process.. )

THIS [last 7ish years] is almost entirely due to a disastrous failure in RHETORIC.

in i explore this.

eg - as i did in this legal case, in 2003 a quite shy and self conscious person, still (my first ever tv was terrifying - 3 stations met me at the gaolhouse gate December 2003 as i knew they would - on my side... but from then it was me learning Not to be 'me' - one i liked)

you have to use the 'enemy's' weapons against THEM (this is what i learned to do - quite alone, by 2005 myself how this legal case was won)

one is as i have so many times said the last year " Hannah Arendt [unimpeachable goddess to any humanities lecturer or student] said when there are things we cannot say in society, we already have a tyranny.."

Another -- because shouty sad neurotics who use devices a lot have ONLY limited capacity (and as we know this became largely a woman thing, sadly, i say as ULTRA 'feminist') :

" MANY WOMEN still have their children unlawfully stolen by the state! (see this site a year ago, links to the 2023 Panorama on this) this diversion into 'identity' - the politics of, the suppression of speech, deciding what is 'hate' or not... diverts from THEIR need - these truly oppressed** women, to have their access to LIFESAVING free speech...holding to account the real majority of BAD ACTORS still tyrannising many thousands of them ... or environmental vandals still destroying the environment "

(as i became specialist on after discovering everyone went mad by 2014 and no longer could do sane communication around kids...fact Brits never cared for kids over and above their own silly egos)

FREE SPEECH (a reasonable matter as it stood in around 2010) ... i wasnt sure myself but became gradually 'absolutist' meaning the quite necessary laws in most societies against incitement to violence rightly should be there, and for me, although environmental 'absolutist' that even means its below me and should be below anyone, to lob a brick into an oil company's windows as they are NOT WORTH wasting natural resources on (glass replacement) they are so shabby.

But free speech also needs to be used to HELP the sillies of the genital choppers... ( again i wasnt sure until the argument formulated - wear what the hell you want, but NEVER influence or pressurise anyone to mess with their fertility...

Tom Robinson sung he was Glad to be gay ...

but we discovered a few years on, he wasn quite all the way...

ask his children- sired the old fashioned way

if they arent happy he 'changed his mind'

became apostate :-)

FAR MORE IMPORTANT. trans activists need protection - those who have to use the library to tweet or Tix Tox that is, for SURE!! .. as they spend a bit too much time online, rather working in real life to pay the bills... and are behind with their broadband bill payments

Go to any uk library, as i have from 2010

by necessity

And write (as i did then 2010 i believe )

ALL librarians especially the fat Hay one..

are so rude, mad, inhuman, and cannot even remeber RULE #1 of their own training.... that one cannot be working on ones utterly right! trans rights polemics.....quietly in SILENCE and concentrate...(why the are so bad, its NOT their fault!).... because all librarians (except one, my friend in Cornwall) shout loudly, narcissistically, about their health - always ill health of course in the national self pity Olympics, holidays, gossip of their fat voices...i have years of recordings of just that! all genders too...young men in fact have become even worse, of late i notice......

and of course that means library users follow their example, too...

(every single one of many libraries i go to WORK in the quiet - not having had broadband living very rurally for Herefordshire, Powys, Shropshire and Cornwall, impossible to concentrate ever due the fat - they always are, and as its not immutable is ...well is jokingly, there as a hint - lose weight and maybe you can think...and live longer Corvid stated clearly the fatties get it...i would never say 'ugly librarian' as that is immutable and should never be said... interestingly the only quiet librarian i know is slim...)

free speech is to write that openly, as i did a BAFTA award nominee mother and filmmaker approved, you get banned from the library hahh hahhh... when you are trying to keep the workspace 'safe' of narcissistic fathead bullshit of the library employees! so the fabulous tranny

activists can be free

to think...of better poetry

to use for their democratic right to say what the fuck they long as not inciting to criminal violence against personal people or their stuff

along as it isnt chop em off before a long long long think.... for some years, after the science has said we reach maturity all our brain cells present and correct.- 25 ish...

but even that isnt against law.

but that is an example of what free speech is FOR... quiet spaces for the masses - including small percentage who are at the protrans or whatever the are up to, tweeting...

But i realise there is an inherent problem

a flaw

in my position.

And quite simply put

ONLY great 'story' ever works, to make humans think twice

The TOTAL failure of good story that reaches heart and soul

Is WHY ... we are here

(from the anti 'woke' side i mean)

I still am moved by Ring of Bright Water, Watership Down, My Family and Other Animals...each, even now, brings a tear to my eye

Each REAL beautiful brave story about real life.

(OK W.D. not quite, but i have seen it happen for real eg McCurach doing a Waterhip down phase 1., to young badgers buried alive Kennel Wood nr Seepwalk Titley hills 2020 i have film and covert audio of him admitting it when he was Herefordshire environmental spokesperson...and Extinction Rebllion stallholder with his Missus... i had to leave the region forever to even TALK about it openly as he has military links... ex army even if fascist military religious bigot brigade..)

I had to read a bit of Barry trotter to my lass..

I cannot even remember what it was about it was so dull. Anodyne..



Even the yanks managed in Dont Look Up to get life - wonderful hilarious sedition....back into STORY

It has to make us laugh***, too...

* ex = when his current ...Mrs Sophie is to be seen changing her spots, on his cash - Mistress of the hunt one Boxing day 2011ish i have photos, dressed as Cruella Devil... years she had conned us (living not far away from me, by Hay) she was some perfect literal Joni Mitchell flowerchild.... ALL speech needs to be always call out hypocrisy. Not for the sake indeed of some godliness in 'truth' but as ralphschism riffs, it's FOR HER BENEFIT... without any doubt bad mental health results from inauthenticity.

** Cameron himself implied just that around 2014 in Parliament:

" twice as many kids are taken into care .....[wrongly stolen away by the state for profit one way or other - each time legal fees are massive - you dont think that the SOCIAL WORKERS GET THE OCCASIONAL CHAMPAGNE LUNCH as payback - or some less gauche equivalent, you are a fantasists who thinks there are magicians and Potty trained witches ] ...... as was the case a decade ago and its twice as many that should be.."

It is now roughly 2 or 3 times as many as THEN! (and far far far more proportionately, than all European countries).

*** i LAUGH at this.... saddest silly journalist ever

tweets recently

i never look at twitter any more, only on to tweet another unread one to ms Potter

who calls this "interesting" in a retweet of

...GB, Re (Parental Alienation: Factual Findings) [2024] EWFC 75 (B) (28 March 2024):

Fact-finding in private law proceedings, to consider allegations by F of parental alienation and by M of coercive controlling behaviour. M's allegations found to be true.

as WE - real journalisers, and REAL parents knew, then, and I STATED 18 years ago....

Add in more legal terms with which one or other can whip each other with

she said...he said...

it never stops... just becomes more ... ???? silly terms.... Armageddon of endless tale telling..,. petrol on a fire...of children burned alive, state sanctioned, as no one can stop this or even say anything WISE