Sunday 7 April 2024

last post got added to a bit


all you get is assumption and time wasting ( riffs upon, poetically) never any ACTUAL SOLIDRITY OR HELP

Sad writing fully Voltaire mode... is actually terribly good for you.... and all i ever meet is ill people.... top of their voices

The thin ones are always far more quietly spoken and with actual authority

(and i wouldnt even go and fuck a wonderful trustworthy prostitute in this awful country of false allegations  - victim olympics, without being supplied in writing in triplicate that  all allegations of feelings-crime must receive one written warning prior to running crying to the feds)

but my my they need help and training on basic how to reach REAL people 101... the internet didnt change how hearts and souls actually work

such as... "hmm Tommy Boy one of the greatest songwriters was it  his face in the shaving mirror or hers.... hahh hahh...but then great people are great as they can...change their minds, proving they actually have one?"

and i shall (studying 'independent media' as i was an inventor of it being used for 'good'... ralphschism told the world i was WRONG)

never change my mind

Christian bigot (i have studied Christianity last decade - as undercover outsider among a few genuine TRUTH talking friends in that world... its inherently bigoted 100% for sure)  Ben Shapiro who essentially professes to outbreeding the non bigots, quite his side of the  Enlightenment 'argument', are... ie lefties  - standard classic liberals and standard pre 2010s 'progressives' as all Time Out readers of the 80s were for example...losing by dint of breeding

to me has always been one of the worst conceivable super influencers (in UK too, giving spawn to the likes of Tate etc)  truly worst turn of events ever... the two of em Trumpists ... (me i would hold my nose and vote RFK jr if enforced yank voting  - RFK interesting)

But Ben also says THE best truly wise thing ever " all politics has lost its sense of humour..." .. even if basically it should be all of everyone... but especially the 'left'