Monday 29 April 2024

This site

 Looks a mess. 

But the 'art' (almost 'performance art' -  and i know top real contemporary art despite being a 75% total rural yokel)  is in the movement - this site 2022 to late 23; and in fact between the 'posts' here. Meaning, and my writing/ jotting site since Feb 2023,  attempts to explain - many good podcasts there on all sorts,  rather just a messy reflection of how between grabbed moments of a free electric socket, attempting to precipitate into words hundreds of very vey deep conversations with a whole range of supposedly 'caring', educated, Guardian reader types from 2020, ever single one has been fake.

All - 95% of mothers i speak with (and have kept a truly fullest chronicle diary of ), for these  last 4 years (many ignored the hysteria of 2020 where i had been living  - very very rural one had to just get on)  state (in the sort of 'reboot' from 2022) that society and the environment is pretty toxic, drug infested, and like never before turbulent for children and young adults (and thats just the river Wye bathers i jest, truthfully)  yet none ever ever 'follow through' many suggestions from me as to how to attempt to reframe things a little, or just join up in mutual support, via a collective of sane adult no-nonsense writers.

All i have ever done comes down to one thing, a good psychological  setting for kids (NO clever gimmicky new therapy-culture words as they are 95%  wrong - i'm a lifelong student of real psych) . The environment of the future will ONLY be saved and protected if the young adults of this century have had good functional upbringings, and enough of them IN the 'environment', so they steward it onwards..

 The two matters are inextricably linked. And they are the only two 'issues' i really care about. 

But both - REAL environmental stewardship, and real healthy calm balanced psyches for kids.... in the UK have failed almost 100% .

Don't believe feel good crap in any media or 'workshop'  or in Hay-on-Wye  style Messianic Facebook preaching. 

 Ralph went out to enquire further 3 years ago what do mainly middle aged mums REALLY think - those with fairly comfortable rural lives, having moved away from the busier cities and suburbs, ...and those who are educated enough to have some kind of genuine original thought, and all say, all has gone very very messy...

And as change takes a LONG time....  as sure as ferrits are ferrits there is a queue for who can one day outdo Ms Letby...   Many many descendants have  received even more classic training in .... to be cont

AND - all - my only intent and wish for the rest of my life is to write up, many interesting enough stories, though some 'artistically' ...  but it is nearly impossible to get through infantile  anodyne publishing gatekeepers nowadays...  so i have to try and find patronage somehow ... has some details etc

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