Monday 6 May 2024

The sad truth

 Having  returned, UNPLANNED,  a dozen    times since summer 2020 to lay legal voluntary work on family issues (and some addicted parent  rescue cases everyone killing themselves 2020 even sane ones with kids ...) and recently having put my head back into that world on behalf of a few in dire straights, i am reminded of the reality of years of my family work since 2005 and how by 2013ish...a truly impossible new paradigm had arisen, making it all virtually a waste of time. And i would be granted power of address in the highest courts. But the litigants simply had lost it... 

and it just gets worse

audio essay on main site here..... IT matters. Themes there effect the majority of under 50s now and ALL your futures

On the environment

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The ultimate heretic me

(BUT there is one more hidden page only a few have seen to date, soon it gets uncloaked..its even more heretic)

NO one has ever supported my often 15  unpaid hours a day on eco the last 10 years... hence   even laptop so old its hard to type...

funding drive soon for memoirs

sort of started here