Tuesday 8 June 2021

 and some story......new ones on audio....made today, just seemed the time..... stories, inadequate word for stuff lived through or even uncomfy stuff learned from and what not possible to learn from, in snippets page of this site.

There will be a happy ending because i have to leave the really groovy ones until the end.

and all i am about is utterly clearing my desk for the last ever time. The best feeling of all .....

But i do know one thing. Exactly  what that word means. Undoubtedly. Because I've been doing it at last these last few days. And thus no longer need to keep that little note on my desk either, because it is found.


But then beware, god how the dreary self pitying  lot have taken over the interweb of lies and deceit. That's because they are the definition of the dreary sat on their bums looking at screens all day. It's an active word...it's doing something... even if it's daft. Read Pereira for gods sake.... the clue is in the name. Hiraeth is gone; saudade means almost the opposite, what should be. Maybe