Tuesday 8 June 2021

This is not about 'fathers'

 And this is the only hard bit to briefly write up.

Today, 2021 I am only really interested in two things things. Firstly to describe how in all sorts of situations coming up against the 'whiteshirts'  - from the wonderful film Man Called Ove (book even better) how to use a certain amount of character and showing 'the man' maybe it's best not to bother picking on me... and he won't listen especially if you are peaceful and magnanimous in your rejoinders, , so when he does  - in family law though more likely to be an awful woman of (to quote Lord Justice Wall) "STASI" tendencies with her gold seal pension after being paid many over the average uk income to not do her job properly, ever, which is to assist families to a peaceful future. When he does how to win despite himself. And it is pretty universal stuff.  "winning" includes the essential ways to not let him even have a little of your soul. (Helen Steel sadly missed that bit - why she was so exhausted)

In fact a far better example is the story of an old friend - most professional man, who had a father who wished to be cremated in the outdoors on some private land way away from people at his demise. Just how the 'authorities' meaning those so nice hospital administrators -  until their mates income stream was under threat - in this case ripoff undertakers,  loosely threatened something is fascinating. No one can ever listen " have a recorder on mate.."  No one ever listened when i asked litigants contacting me with their tales of woe, to similar advice.

How to stand up for yourself - not technical-how so much as realising there are no 'bad' turns of affairs  - just hold on to the saddle and sooner or later some silver lining may come along. Its about remaining yourself. Few in fact do. I know i have subsequently spent time with many in unjust dire situations.

SO it is about the need to understand when to 'call out' certain bad acts against you. How i suppose, too,  and it will be the case 2020 0 2021 that the established powers have become even sneakier in UK at subtly silencing the citizen.  Appreciating the deeper values behind all that I'm pretty good at.

But there is another thing too. Not so much 'for' my material as it needs to be confined really just to two years - 2003 -5 and a bit of 6. But some of what will not even be touched on in any of this, is about your neighbour, today.

I gave up any lay legal a few years ago. Because 'your neighbours' the nice ones down the figurative road, the ones who have very green lives and whom are always talking of their days as scouts for the small green mind body and soul gatherings, I forget what they call them that worldwide movement of them. and ohh how their videos  make them all look like perfect progressive cute beings.... ehh even they cannot any more listen "look your kiddo... when she is with mum ... in mums house they eat sausages....i totally agree with your stance towards sausages, yes as a scientificly astute  pollution person, (see other blog) plants and seeds mean humanity has a future, and sausages are vile enemies of all people,  but it really isnt any reason to begin a great big legal case on fraudulent legal aid  - many a thousand that could be spent on youth clubs - none left here despite all the rich incomers bragging of some ideal community... and ruin that poor little girl's head with parental alienation... which is what not celebrating the food in the other home, is... never mind the ear pissing ..."  These are of course the so called 'educated'. Most will even have at least a copy ff Hesse's Sidartha showing on their bookshelves. 

They cannot compromise either. Indeed are the very worst at compromise i ever dealt with. Must be all that time figuring which baby papoose looks best or expensive child seat afront their bicycle looks just modern enough, they haven't time left to understand compromise means always with anyone,  and mindfulness means always, too.

But for example a good parenting plan, that is read and digested unlike it seems every email one ever writes these days - which can take time...two weeks  i leave all outbound before i wonder if i have been ghosted or 'microagressed' if i wish to speak yoofish.... or forget. I know i am pure... of good intent only.

One of those if read and taken in like you did with Harry Potter except this is reality so forget your potty Potter... will save the taxpayer zillions and is very good for 'mental health' And should be shared over coffee with a friendly neighbour. That way you may KEEP to it.... community has two sides - to hold to account gently, too.

Nope no hope - but that got worse especially since about 2010ish ... interestingly just when 'social' media clicked in. No one listens any more to even gold seal advice. They just pick up the blower to be seen picking up the blower 'doing' something about their obviousl family crisis. They never even have a pencil and paper at hand to write down the advice they were informed was some of the best in the land... Teletubbies don't use pen and paper either.

ANyway i cannot bring 2010 and on or even 2007 and on into anything ...the years before are confined and best showcase a simple time immemoriam thing of knowing (via some work over many years) what is right and wrong - for the individual and society at large and if they combine that is wonderful. Rosie |Boycott and several other just as useless but famous minds gathered early in the 2010s and broadcast 3 hours on modern femeinism...at the end they sat down with their wine and didnt choke when they moaned, " ehh elephant in the room gals... in all sorts of ways if several million girls dont have much to do with their father ... that does not bode well for society.... in all sorts of well known standard dead important ways.."  In fact i think its the men who are perverted by no dad around even more. I have never felt truly unsafe in this land until a pandemic of them clearly emerged 5 or 10 years ago... the victims of mass dadocide... but i don't care any more except in one respect. One of them will most likely be the person doing the weirdo copper announced on the news today as hes pleading guilty...to murder... They are dangerous even if in other ways dedadded daughters may be just as lethal.... you  - (pl)...deal with it...i did my my bit and failed. Thats a lovely feeling. The bit bit. 

Summary  -several universal matters, and they do bubble into today quite fundamentally. Anyone following UK PLC thoughts on future speech restrictions really should be very worried - because this case was about EVEN  the toppest bigwigs in the land would for years entirely miss interpret quite simple law on privacy and speech.  The blasé about this is in fact astonishing. I mean among the educated. You wait until you are burying an old loved one and know you are behaving quite responsibly and some member of the vested interests who all know each other but you will never know how, and whispers in your ear "that injunction gagging your little plans to go public...in the interest of the other members o your family and stopping their 'distress'... [that didnt happen but may have] ...oh yes and that fancy house you have with so little mortgage....we are very very good at bumping up our costs just so as you have to be bumped out of that too..." which was exactly what the recent matter of the nasty Post Office essentially was for a range of the cases, dont show up at round one, defendant winds, do show up at appeal where barrister fees are far higher, so that if s/he looses that s/he'll be really double whammied...

The principle that the citizen should have the right to go public in any way s/he feels appropriate - within current incitement to violence legislation many year rightly in place,   in ANY scenario, unless there is an extremely good reason to block that. I mean extremely which means i suppose really really nasty things being done to children that may cause real lifelong embarrassment to them for real... (bad example as this principle applies to so many arenas that get gag-threatened... even of course employment law and Harvey stuff...  yes women that Harvey - this principle was hardly understood at the time (of me) so so often smartarse cleverdicked around with...it     is    an    absolute...

And methinks it is going to get a lot more deliberation in the future as so many new laws are dire and dodgy in so many ways...

SO yes this 'case' had a range of issues that many many future disputes  - with the state or coprorations or even the person...all fields of modern life, are standard. And as it was the one the judges themselves chose - oh it was momentous and quite deliberate - because they KNEW i was balanced and quietly spoke...  i knew their mates !! one was a very famous QC Wall said was great mate... they, chose us - me.. for what they themselves hoped would be a test case to go into many current issues  into the issue in the widest sense.  And it was a complete surprise even to me. I knew it should be so but nevertheless its ones OWN side (the fellow 'campaigners') which far far far headfuck than anyone else... except one fabulous It girl... an unlikely loose pairing if ever there was one... better than  the Full Monty in all sorts of ways...

And i need a good record of it for ALL under 40s i may know or not know any more or wish to know.... simply to say to them if you have to fight boss/ NHS / your mums old folks home as they force her to take harmful meds/ dodgy insurance company / the CAA / the lot... here is the toolkit and instruction manuals as the principles are universal, as are the reasons you will have to fight, and  its main component is quite simply, soul... and then being organised even in stressed cirx ...like in a Midnight Express gaol ...