Tuesday 16 November 2021


 Myself i listened to the educators even if i was someone who ran away from it all age 16,  as to how useful allegory, metaphor even, nuance, and reading between the lines are all as skills for communication. Just simpler non-elitist communication.

Seems to me the terminally narcissistic which is a code word allegorically speaking for really not that bright, commentariat, have forgotten these skills and also how essential they are to help their viewers get beyond any one dimensional lost cause. Such as caring about what a one may be perceived as via a tweet. Or why someone else should. 

But i am not elitist and can use very big words but so admire the Grayling type rhetoric even if not all the content. Simple clear. One could be seemingly rude and say the following, that i realised something only a few months ago. But it cannot be in any utilitarian version  - i.e. the 'popular' story because those do matter - the good ones.  That quite by chance i was able to do something I am not sure there are many left who can. 

I had a picture in my head of what the confusing lores and interpretations of publication etc., should be. in a sane and common sense world. I had so much flack from my own side; many would have run away crying or at least been quite depressed. Am i the lone wolf nutjob?  But i retained my internal picture and retained some not at all enjoyable battling along - spitting on the faxes spitting out of my little machine from the likes of Cobb QC supposed top of the tree. At his crystal clear abject failure to understand one simple recent leading authority on document sharing. With people like your MP or legal advisors. 

And then the penny dropped. Not that we can be ever 100% sure of any cause and effect. It may well have been because i had read many books in my early adulthood. And this my imagination had developed such that i was able to hold on to my mental picture of yes what should be... 

But we cannot say that.  And must never be said. 

Because ...well i had that thought as yet again a range of the supposedly educated were warbling on about platforms and the like and as always always turning it around into some complete side alley of people being idiotically rude. Fait accompli means that even if everyone was banned from twatter or other platforms, tomorrow a new one may set up in N Korea where they may just enjoy repissingoff everyone resending out things washed away in the past...bet they've thought about it.

It is far better for mental health to accept anything can be said or written at any time...maybe even in a decade.... maybe even in five. Than think you have the false smugness of supressing anything for now and how lovely that is. Because even the unread are not dumb. And subconscious's  exist. It must be not nice to go through life thinking that something may resurface again even if crass or part loon, with a little unpleasant truth. Or at east convincing opinion.  Bet your smartie pants subconscious always keeps that in mind despite your not so bright higher consciousness. Which hurts. May even make people ill. 

far better to do a  Moore, probably Galloway too, "write what you want...i shall frame the best ones or put them in a greatest hits book and make some extra hat money.." someone else does it too and has a youtube i forget - what a splendid wise example to our kids. i have a note somewhere i care about what really may be the ways forward in the 'culture' no one wants anyone hurt or badly informed enough that they think these things matter so much they must hurt themselves.  

And in fact that is the thing - subconscious elitism, my my i could write that book.  pretend Corbynites ... still trendy in certain circles to be. Helping people - others, and making a slightly larger minor impact ... you have to speak in a tongue they will understand. The bullnecks know that!  Even if i havent had a tv 20 years i know that  reframing something to reach those who may actually benefit from some 'message' is called being ...well, human....  and will from now on just appear a bimbo with smartarse t-shirts showacasing some clever advertising man byeline....

i though of one just a bit ago while scratching my head  why keep them even...

yes as James H said, "no one is interested in the family courts [slight alliteration] ...  I am certainly not at all interested in the family courts and no one else is which is why journalists won't REALLY go and watch, and why  the citizen must be allowed to share her dull story of dysfunction and so much telly and booze she.... censored... somewhere... and maybe in time 'she' will learn to write it all a little more readably ... which may in time be seen as it was hundreds of years ago... the key to ALL justice - to be able to tell your story... well.

My story is what a Full Monty privilege ... well one bit - that the number 2 judge in the land, in reality, Mumby actually wrote a paper clearly for me december 2004 giving the best line "now the state can no longer chop heads off, having ones children unjustly removed is the worst fate any citizen can fall foul of.." in fact his buddy wrote it as he hinted the actual boss with a  smile on hs face...

so yes back to their utterly irrelevant schoolboy tangents  - bubblegum behind the  cricket screens they still likely have as mental setting as to nirvana,  their what tone and what is allowed tone and what should be ....rather than  the whole of the citizens rights to speak out and even sensationalise so as to get a call back from a journo, 

 why cannot all the armchair Douglas Murrays and and nouveau intelligentsia understand this which is in fact the only rabbit hole i know of this argument about what tweets or who gets cancelled and then a new job talking about being cancelled...and has plenty of professional qualifications on their cv someone will sooner or later hire them for..... I monitor for intelligent wise real world answers those folk too... I know them all. All they can do is pander... their body language largely back-up; likely sat on hedgehog pelt cushions to keep them awake they are so bored of themselves.  You can feel they think that only by bristling will they get more views or retwats...  sadly the younger Novara generation have watched them a  little too closely. 

oh yes Dawkins reads out his hate mail on camera.... wonderful... better use of time  than writing yet another slightly  Thatcher inspired book, when Jay Gould especially, Rose, Kamin and Lewontin were far more wisely circumspect and fluffy.... were all  so much wiser and more philosophical. " we don't really know exactly why one line arose, survives and flourishes - may be a lot more random chance and fairy dust to it than our Dicky is so obsessed at harping on about. They won't add of course he looks so much better on camera so his publishers prioritised him as there was easy money in him...via his looks.    

Anyway i must stop harping on, off the core issue. and this is the end. Because it is. The other question or rather book themed  bullet point, slightly running on from that alluded to, the great unwashed won't like to be told read a lot of books - not law books never even opened to page one of them, no books about others' real lives, like Primo's,  mixed in with actually good non-moaning fiction Leo, George,  Balzac we could go on, i know this as the amount of really snide comments one gets from people who would consider themselves 'middle class' just cos you have a decent hallway's worth....collected only for one person. No matter what.

Anyway this hint that because one could read for longer than two hundred characters must be censored forever...  I doubt we saw Julia reading anything much other than her phone in Erin.... likely errata as it was before them ... as was I...  

So bullet point number 2. After Extinction, ... the end, just around the corner, of this dull little passageway through a mouldy existence that is far more interesting than may first appear,   who can look after them? where do they go?  

The number of folk i have tried to actually give them to ... on the basis  of look after and use... but you will have the final say... . maybe some can come back...go on to where they were intended,  one day, but i trust you. And they do need someone to care for them....  nope.... fuckin dystopia... no hope. Glad i am off soon.... 

business idea plus genuinely solutions based psychotherapeutical services aimed at the cancellers as they will suffer most in time: youtube or tv channel devoted to shots of the cancellees sitting on nice beaches with a nice new verysmart phone  product placed by their sponsor who bought it for them for being on the show........  smiling and saying things like "thank god for the sad little moaners ... i hated that job and poor them so uneducated... now i can get nice and brown on the beach all expenses paid oh how lovely it is... and write the book i always wished i could...  damn  wont have time today once more ... oooh my fave beach bum...and he keeps coming back for more.... he knows there are only two genders [usual medical exemption from such illegal sweeping generalities] and ... what his was made for.... bye bye everyone..."

Most complaints and issues  are just a phase.... some things  - the ones the bigwigs and sleazy lawyers make actual pots of gold from.... such as those Sue Cameron covered in Cheating Classes... and the bulging back pockets of many a so called 'professional' having anything to do with uk "children's services"  go on for decades. ...and decades.  For a reason. 

Meanwhile back in reality tv land or blogs maybe one day the standard of writing about by far the largest money and time drain  by the cheating classes using the uneducated  via children and other forms of ccivil litigation) for cheating cruel selfish and surprisingly often egotistical gain....will improve, maybe even become some new genre ..... basis for good poetry rather than  the self pitying rubbish we read.....anything is possible.  I bet there are even popular memoirs about slitting open your own skin these days. And it is by far the largest time and money waste never mind massive mountain of injustice there probably has ever been.