Saturday 13 November 2021

Indeed, 'insight'

 All their fancy words that sadly the destruction of education into overclever words, when fundamental hard balancing advances of generations before  are lost is best summed up in that i have had one wonderful real one. Not that it makes one happy or feel good. To hear very highly regarded senior seasoned women journalists in the 00s share things with me like "we do know that women lie on the stand more than men" is an insight that is so sad if one values women as completely equal human beings who are completely equal in ability to be sane modern human,   but will reporting that fact of those words said  - on the record,  become something to be future persecuted under some mad new Miss Oh Jenny speech fiddling lores...

The  problem with such things - not their silly lores, but the way even our thinkers and public so called 'intellectuals' posit anything, is that i know for a fact that such things as that - nasty lies in such arenas, gender-neutral, irrespective of whatever colour your grow bag was,  actually does  really hurt so so badly  - many i knew were reliving that nightmare years on - traumatised by these basest words, and of course these absurd juvenile modern day commentariat have no experience of real life, just sheep following whatever nonsense current trendy rhetoric...  lies really really do damage especially in certain settings and  when we have  - unlike most EU countries for instance where such is NOT anything like so common, when we have a generation of people traumatised by that  - many sent to the Prozac ward for long periods, speech is the real issue. Growing up about where lines are and should be, and also rather a lot of actual reality. And i know it's all gone very backwards. 

Anyway i don't care as when there is no one to vote for any more in a territory - all the left or egalitarian becoming prostitutes to so often confected vulnerability and lies for advantage (i know they are as i do real actual citizens advice on those dealing with Kafkaesque sickpay or other systems i know their truths..) , which does the actually vulnerable no good, when a person knows there is no one left to vote for any more it is time to find a new territory.