Wednesday 24 November 2021

Pause, not a blog..

 But i have a several rather life and death  quite routine life event things ongoing.

But it is now the Kairos 

I shall have to recycle some recent emails out. 

because it seems that ONLY farmer's wives, even if they are about the only ones with some balls i ever met, may be needed in the team. All those fey so so knowing so called journalists have none...

even if only to make a point. The same one that for 15 dull years i have repeated at times... but then you get your weird lost sheep on your own 'side' that N****   [female 'campaigner' loves being in the media..has the looks too - i know no one WORTH naming and 'shaming' ]...  ...oh my the way she was on radio 4 a few years ago saying the first silly thing that came into her mouth - i think i refer to it in the video on odysee... how in one sentence breathlessly burted out on national radio she goes against many years of quite fine people quietly sharing real wisdom  

To a farmer.. a real one...who employs by choice women on her farm... even ones just about to pop...

on how... how to show the bosses  that you are all or nothing and always will be.... relax, say something real, or quite a master.... because  all 'campaigners' forget that silly old men in charge went to Eton or some other child abuse systematic dehumanisation camp and only...only beautiful literature akin to the lunatic Greek myths they were force fed by nanny  gorgeous real slightly seditious literature, or words.... cheekiness... they adore it... it makes them realise you are kind of their equal.... and they only let equals 'through' the Hades they love to gatekeep, if they sort of see that they cannot ever get to you... 

email, though not of 2003-6 my only interest but my my the 'whispering campaigns"  - all good stuff that was a kairos too:

indeed in my days of minor scruffy celeb  anti Jack straw spokeserson (i won.... 2009... really quickly... him vs me) .. i should say, team. We record time by quoting in public great literature...

I took lass out of school as i had a last minute BBC interview where she would learn the REAL world..
was driving up... lass at next doing my phone calls and notes of what we should say

interviewer "so what are the issues with the court systems and the administrators whom you feel need light shining on...or need the light to continue to be shone on unless Straw gets his way...... Mr Clayton?"

"Keith... ehh let me ask my assistant team member here for our first piece of evidence...ahh yes... thank you sweetness ... she is so beautiful i shall pause to enjoy her, before i answer your question the way she flutters her eyelashes when we are in public and i ask her for some  assistance ... implying i am in charge and she is my doting slave ....... nope !... yes here we have it... the court system in he UK ...civil matters especially, and those many thousand every week held in secret .... i shall read out Mr Adams' fine description on the is often just like dealing with a room filled with them..." 
attached photo

oh yes blogpost.... on a real life nonblog at way way before  dawn today: the kairos ... means it is the moment... one jus knows the energy is there to do what before seemed not the right thing to just wasn't the time, not for any rational pondered reason, it just wasn't. Now it is.