Wednesday 29 March 2023

'begging bowl' update

I am gobsmacked, another pledger. Thank you. I expected NOTHING. I truly truly hate sending out cheery messages to suggest people may have any interest ...or more. And i hate it even more that this website thing has gone and auto set itself to numbered lines, AND changed the input pannel completely, and i don't know how to get rid of that, and get back my old fomating. But all I can say is this that 'they' don't tell Joe Public something about dealing with jouralism, media in general, 'gatekeepers', money, etc., which is off and on over the years - since first book deal offered 2006, i have spent thousands of hours - truly thousands, on various ongoing correspondences with said 'gatekeepers' etc.. at one time or another. And it is so UTTERLY exhausting, frustrating, draining, mindfuckingly weird. I do not enjoy it. Even half the Eton educated journos these days don't even seem to be able to read a fairly carefully written three paragraphs on an 'issue'. And of course 99% never have the manners to say anything back even if one was in the past a regular correspondent. So it is far more unpleasant for me to try one last big hustle on this, than any recipient may find it receiving something.