Wednesday 29 March 2023

text outbound

 copy and paste .... perhaps


Hi, sorry to bother,
Once only.

Following a magnificent  Oscar entrant feature film 2021 on how awful the state can be to parents in uk, i am trying to roll out interest for a long overdue feature film  in the revolutionary winning  battle that allowed such films, and press to show it all. Previously it was all secret by default.

Though 15 years i was always planning just this.
My film only a HAPPY feelgood thing.

though revolutionary on freedom of speech.

I don't have any digital network ( happy hill dwelling, almost [agnostic] Amish)  so am trying to nudge all contacts i ever had, maybe to pass it on. Share this text or link the website on their social media if used ( i don't)
Even forwarding to one contact of yours may help. who knows...

Miraculously a decent funding pledge already came in. But need good deal more. I do realistically expect the funding page to be a few thousand by the weekend.
( serious finance can follow if initial support is shown, eg on this site) 

Any traffic on this webpage would help..all written up as simply as poss, on

Or any help. practical, etc..

No one ever has, in 20 years,  so anything that may come along is only a joyful bonus. 
It will get made...sooner or later, but i am hoping, sooner.
ps whatsap is always best for me - i try to keep all messages there, for ease of use.. 99% ignore! :-) so dont worry if you do too, no hard feelings ever