Thursday 30 March 2023

30 March 

This website is a series of posts. Information and thoughts on making a proper feature film - with laughs and drama,  on this major "revolutionary" legal change  which is still very much live as an issue in current media (i.e. LOADS of future PR for investors / supporters).

This site started over a year ago

It really isn't designed to be mobile phone optimised.

There are about 30 posts the last 2 months (this one the latest) which explain aspects. And several pitch videos. Those videos are only on this page.

A film to watch. Etc..

Various audios and essays were started here a year ago giving background. Some quite unique. To lure in assistants and interest.. 

 Failed thus far in that my whole region was overtaken by absolutely pretend 'right thinking' citizens who came from big cities to buy the houses the locals used to rent, and start their 'good life' .. and smile to your face (so many face to face ally-gathering chats had in 10 years) , but couldn't give a fig about 'society'....oh well...

And the page links (above along the bar)  go to stand alone webpages of past media etc.. Shows this case one of the most famous in the land - visible on the 'price qc' page . 

Sorry, rather a mess but scroll down ( and back in time over the last few months of posts )  and you get the picture.

Until i have time to redesign, scroll down to the bottom righthand corner and click on 'older posts'  - the posts made a month ago are maybe more revealing.

For, now, a very brief summary is on this recent post.  Clicking this link just takes you down this one first page of 'posts':

(urgent running costs loans or donations via bank /paypal listed there - just figuring and setting up the kickstarter has been a full time job the last month - on no income) 

It is all to get behind an industry accepted and pukka funding drive, long planned. Unless someone wants to just help find proper real investment funding now.

But monies (pledged there) are only available if the full target is reached - £7,000 in 30 days which I started a week ago. Doing better than imagined, thus far, but my 'network' is virtually non existent and I have no idea if browsers within that kickstarter 'community' pledge. I suspect not.   

However a funding campaign which gets supported likely is prioritised in their internal marketing algorithms - more see it.   

So every pound pledged there counts 

totally safe and legitimate service - and i trust no one! unless i am really sure.

Contact: see posts below for email and phone, or a sister site - perhaps one day that will be operated by a few allies in a team   has a contact box 

but really, anyone who maybe has some time spare and fancies a new project, some digital skills,  then join up as an almost 'collective', urgently, but I know no one does ANYthing without some advantage to them, so early-on helpers can have an official  - fully paperworked, slice of some future equity. This is no hippy dream nonsense. A good film can end up making good profits (unlikely for me). 

And, really, (long planned) my desk cleared  of any distractions this winter, i wish to be full time attempting to get this forward, but have no facilities left, so any co-operations or the like, a bonus