Wednesday 22 March 2023

Fake News*

 I am lucky. very. To have a 'cause' that is an absolute makes life easy.  Even if failure - no doubt about the cause being good.

Some however require ACTUAL truth and awe, at the judgement of Solomon

In this folder "today prog from 20th March" are several reports which i shall add to

This week national treasures such as John Simpson and i am sure there was another have said in no uncertain terms " Iraq  2003 - USA and in fact UK as number 1 lapdog, the worst human rights violation of this century so far" - various segments of commentary in the folder above 

(Yes to get any 'cause' through i happily awake 99% of the time at dawn for 20 years....and the Today prog on as company - even if for some years a screwed up manic family member, one hears such things...occasionally smiles at a truth or two..)

And  then we come to the fakes  - terms such as 'fake news' of course ruining society. But i know when 98% of the commentariat are lying.


Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On

ock and War: Iraq 20 Years On

Sorry.... lifelong 95% full pacifist.  Especially since reading Pilger in my mid 20s. The 5% ... hmmm.... only total zealots are absolutely fixed absolutely, forever, unless dealing with matters of a nice pleasant psychologically healthy environment for any child - that's an obvious 100% absolute.   

Anyway, as we toodled off spring 2003 on holidays i had in the van window my "Don't Attack Iraq" sticker. Had i been free to divert myself i would have been on the million people march a few months earlier. 

'Normally' i am sceptical on any issue and try to think it through and read as widely as possible - dive Pilger deep into any subject which affected the lives of the world's less well off,  including the heterodox voices of course.  But in 2002 into 3 i was diverted just a bit, and  had perhaps the normal carefulness 'dont believe the hype' warning light dimmed just a bit. 

GW1  - not spoken of anything like enough, was a turkey shoot. I knew people who knew people in the armies there who shot may thousands of retreating Iraqi CONSCRIPT troops - defn " you join up or we kill your ferrets matey, and the human people looking after them in your absence  if you do a runner.." 

So, sorry.... any right thinking person already knew by 1998 Blair was mad and the greatest liar in history even if they voted for him....  he perverted the world more than any other with his industrialised spin.

But.... any person, or at least 98%of people who stated in 2002/3 " I am only against the GW2 " is a liar. Feke. Because if they had  mind, even the most peacenik of them all, if they had some kind of education even by great books - lit and fict, had, just as i did, deepin the back of their mind ..." I know how Solomon felt... i know how ALL violence is always bad..always... but just maybe... just small possibility that if  the 'regime' is changed maybe over the medium term more Iraqis will have a healthier happier life than if not..i utterly hate this war-mongering heard almost everywhere... but I am a fanatic zealot if i say by default they are entirely wrong in the real world.. it hurts...trying to be 100% sure i am right..."

Of course extremely easy now, even by 2004 or 5...with hindsight to say all war bad, always ....of course Blair was ultra liar as was Bush I ALWAYS knew they were only lying ..and then..etc"  But i know that 98% of whom are saying that now, or even a decade ago, are lying, or have a personality disorder whereby they cannot recall their actual thoughts from 20 years ago. Or are afraid of the truth...

My movie won't have any such lies...

As we sat there on a ferry actually the day we saw on the tv Saddam's statue being toppled, live, during lunch in the canteen,  i was sure about one act ongoing, and not 100% sure about another, ongoing, being only bad... in some gorgeous parallel.

(opening scene perraps..) 

Children  - anything to do with them, deserve 100% truth..always.  Or you just end up with loads more Saddam's or Tony's.... and wonky circles forever and ever continue. Only the truth breaks the mad forever hula hoop of it all. Even if it sometimes hurts with a nasty wobbly whiplash as you do ..

And all this huff and puff.... i know full well if one had fullest objective truth, that far far more parents and families have 'PTSD' (i dont!)  from years of dealing with 'authorities' in the UK in respect of their children...than UK troops who saw (paid) 'service' in Afghanistan and the rest of the bloodbath, they chose to go on holidays to, and if their parents failed to CHOSE to take in the simply magnificent anti-war message of Deerhunter, millions saw, that showed so beautifully that war destroys the soul of even the 'goodies' beautifully shown in Mr Walken's character  and his Russian Roulette scene....and failed to tell the young men of this generation this well known factoid, well.... 

And many of them have been treated in a way that yes should be up at The Hague, too...and i never ever do hyperbole. Ever. Country folk do not. And furthermore the way UK authorities have acted for decades is on average far far  worse than most European peoples (criminal - anti basic ECHR, which guess what, no one is fiddling with despite the mad Farrage and co.,  even if the Tories latest seems to be "we will just ignore the Strasbourg judgements.... Harvey Smith and his fine British two fingers [to the highest law still inextricably intertwined with and ABOVE  on our only homegrown statutes! still, and for decades to come by the sound of it].. " what a fine example to our young people...)