Thursday 23 March 2023

Time to break the internet, soon

 Miracles can happen !!

Not only does a corporation exceed their pledge "may take up to ten days to approve, id check you, google if you are a baddie" and approve this  in about 30 hours! ... but i have to say, with such ease and efficiency.

a totally industry accepted and approved valid method of secure financial partner seeking

blessim... got an imdb 7.8 within a few years of begging bowl

there will be far better less 'controversial' examples - huge site, many films...
I only pick this one as in fact legally I appear on the same page as Georgie - see the PriceQC page on here  - above... -me  far more legally "revolutionary" famous though - many more mentions in the legal annals

which many in the industry use as  a regular platform to promote and develop their projects. Many million quid films on there (ok ive seen a few, mustnt tell Blairite porkies,  - i have limited online access at the mo) .  And many return regularly  to the platform at various stages of their project. Concise write up, here, soon.

please note time on phone
silver linings dotcom:

For years i cannot listen to the moaning and self pity of hard done parents, which the lasdt year has intensified to default - always someone else's fault.. every radio 4 documentary i ever hear, and i am quite sure PBS

indeed define being a parent.

the year 2000, straightened circumstances, a bundle of joy around one wishes to actually ENJOY (alone) ... train oneself to get up at 5am, always...

Three hours intense super focused work from that time, whilst bundle of joy happily snoring,   try to make a living in those three hours.. there were ways... in my case the most boring work ever invented diligently selling old books online.... needs must

And guess what, when the child one purports to love awakes, one can concentrate on her alone...always .. and no need for childcare  - as they mostly don't... 

A habit, time zone, i have inhabited ever since, come what may

And it is SUCH joy every day to have my few hours alone from 5 every day, still, the rest of usually useless humanity snoring. Especially since not one has ever helped - Mister G. C. excepted, even if not, sadly,  with his should-be-good mind,  just his silly pocketbook; though what a patronising ego battle that was... that started a decade ago with his extremely time consuming (for me) 'people pleasing' .. which i made sure was gradually repaid ... the slate clean.

Now all i know is if i were going to trust someone to get a job done...i would want to know that yes every day they are spending my money from dawn ... unless one is a heroic  ambulance driver, the World Service at 4.30 am today describing how they  - a yank and Brit example, are on the beer at 6am after the night shift.