Wednesday 29 March 2023

 New page created above -  though i am NOT a 'campaigner'  - this is a film about any 'cause'  - i gave up on the difficult people some years ago, merely here a little bit of info on the few who maybe did help.

Maybe did care? I know Munby did. I wrote a blogpost in fact almost a whole blog around 2004 or 5 or maybe 6, addressed  'TO' Lord Justice Wall, a kind of loveletter to him, and i know he read it, saying that all the ranting protestors are kind of wrong, that he - LJW DOES in fact care. And is genuinely ashamed of the pigs ear he became top dog of.  

"dont rant... that doesnt really work, give him great stories, and legal cases even, to help HIM help 'us' to change things..because deep down i feel that is what he as a human being wishes.. he doesn't want to go into retirement only famous for presiding over the regime he himself officially gave the nod to by not disagreeing, in his inaugural Times interview, as being 'Stalinist and Maoist...'"