Monday 24 April 2023


As in " hmmmmmm... pay attention [the bossy little statement of so called Free Speech experts like Sam Harris, except they say 'if you have been paying attention']

At last on what my brown friend calls '4chan', The Now Show, on Friday, we hear a black man - i assume... state "i am a free speech absoltist" 

Of course unlike the rather good (at first) Douglas Murray, who would broadcast on such things as 'whither free speech', he has to go and 'identify' himself in the minority of 3.5% who aren't heterosexual. The aforementioned Murray, although I think he fails to carry the people,  by dint of subtle arrogance - which NEVER works,   became my hero, in that i had absolutely no idea which orifice he  favoured in the privacy of his own bedroom, which is exactly the way progressive enlightened people described themselves fifty years ago: none of your fuckin business.

But no, every single even 'free speech absolutist' assumed black man  must use their free speech to throw in your face their sexual behaviour, which any sane person knows, in the uk has been right weird for centuries...  

Fact: go and enquire of the brothelry of London town, as i did thirty years ago (in a semi journalistic capacity), as to the positions favoured by the  London bossyman class, and they will chide " what planet are you from!? most of them don't actually want sex  they wish us to dress up in kinky costume  - nurse, schoolgirl, all that, and talk dirty with them, whist some may end up pulling themselves off.."

All - especially the modern day need for endless neurotic self affirmation in respect of sexual maybe-activity, which any sane person knows is far far far weirder in uk than anywhere in the world (not in my life thank you very much), should be no one else's business. Except what is the truth? maybe that we are obsessed about performing the WORDS about something maybe when drunk we once accident   

 But all i do know, is that when Coleman Hughes gets blanked, blocked, or whatever silly word they come up with for neurosis 

for saying as a black man (i did not know until he said whilst listening to the above) he does not suffer racism, things yes went a bit wonky.

But unfortunately all this silliness (as my brown friend  regularly riffs upon with me - equal intellect to me)  diverts from what the freedom to be informed about modern day gulags nastiness and harm to children, and HEAR THE STORIES... the real stories. With emotive real life aspects such as ...

... humans are affected only by emotion. 

Emotion (different to melodrama)   is rarely (if ever? - unless some mass bizarre weird lost formation psychosis such as when spoilt little mad thing Princess Die died...)   pervertable, as long as we have real life story - real simple stories which we can almost smell and context.

 Now.... it is time. Because even if it will take a little time. Deep down i know there is something else - or more, that should be done. A sort of installation / dance /  touchy theme park..

Which of course sounds as mad as the dead princess, except that over the years i have followed  the latest cutting edge 'art'. I know what an NFT is....  i also approve of Proust... And Thomas Bernhard is not only i believe the greatest writerly mind for 3/4 century, he is my universal credit (working tax credit) log in...

and he doesnt believe in short and sweet... his greatest work is like a modern day poem ... endless repetition in a subtle way... No paragraph breaks - they are for babies.  And it takes grown ups to sort out a mad society. And not become Stalinist  like our Dear Kier 

To be continued.