Tuesday 25 April 2023

IN fact, "pay attention"

 she did.

29 years this region my base.

Though i roam the last 10 - often ... bicycle, foot, small van....mainly way away from the dreadful incomers who all make out they are straight out of a colour supplement,  not mentioning the brutal sharp elbowed actions in their younger adulthood, to get that money....to buy here so overpriced it is absurd

I never met ANYone who cared a bit about free speech or understood it.

Until her!!

And i tested her - she was listening....

And her husband even had a death threat SMILEYTHING!

For writing the truth....

wow, there was one all along...shame i meet her the day after my little pitch, fails

Anyway i must move....even here they utterly hate me - all of them, fey fake new age types, fake environmentalists, fake Guardian colour supplement inhabitants, because i always, no matter what, get up at 5.30 am clear head, new day - do my day in accordance with the weather...and straight to work... no matter what...