Tuesday 25 April 2023

I never tell any...one

Due the London fascist lite class buying EVERYthing in my region since about late 2016  - flight from cities after Farage and co do their deeds, there is no affordable housing for many many leagues.

Especially when even BBC goodies like ultra goodie goodie Francine marry chaps who con the Hay-on-Wye local councils that their ugly little housing developments are "affordable" at £250k a rabbit hutch, and that was a decade ago ...

Anyway i have been the happiest 'homeless' person in the history of (BE PC ! ) 'rooflessness', ever. Meandering around in my small van/house...For 1 1/2 years. And thus never have a  whole day at a plug. And you will say "what about the libraries.." 


spend even half an hour at a library these days...and you have  a headache, at the noise .. 

the notion that a citizen may use a library to read and learn, as they have been doing for about 5000 years...

is now for the birds. 

But 'SAY' anything about it..nicely, thoughtfully,  mention this in hushed conversation.....

 it is automatically assumed to be a personally offensive megga-aggression against the heroic staff

ALL who failed ever to go to work for about 2 years from march 2020 

remember (essays below) - new law  was created by me alone when everyone said "impossible, you moron, you are mad" due my 'IMAGINATION' that i could 'see' what the law was when it was first written, with no legal training at all whatsoever, because of only one reason - i had for my own pleasure and soul development, read a fuck of a lot of really good real literature since being a young man - especially most of the Russians...and George Elliot was my only real hero...until Thomas Bernhard and Rachel Kushner came along...

And reinvigorated in their own genius way - truth  .... to...power...

this will be written up properly one day soon

I have only just started.


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