Wednesday 14 June 2023


 I am a totally 'zen' and bulletproof rural person. Many years quietly wandering hills of The Marches, or days sat by a local river with a bag of books and any paperwork that needs a seeing to, really keeps one ultra calm no matter what.

But I am also extremely (self taught) literary and also for 20+ years hobo'd all over the world - as a gypsy pilot - smaller charter aircraft flying medical emergency - hearts for transplant, beating in the back of my airborne camper-van,  to Iron Maiden one season (all fakes - Bruce more into his yuppie banking on his laptop as i flew them around one tour season). Nothing phases me. All cultures i can fit in with.  Wherever i pitch up is my only home.

In fact my more 'extreme' attitude to man destroying the planet came from a period late 80s when i was the (only) Island Pilot flying an Islander aircraft from St Kitts in the West Indies. Before it was developed I lived on the \windward coast on a small compound called Island Paradise. It wasn't. Even then it was tragedy. Along the beaches of that side of that hardly-developed Island (there were literally 5 of us whiteys in a population of very black people) was a mound of washed up plastic and human detritus from the seas. It was tragedy - heartbreaking. Then.

I say but it is probably true " i am the only commercial pilot ever to have handed in his license when his child was born; mass or certainly 'private'  i. e. executive jet aviation (the end scene of The Bodyguard where they whisk away Whitney  in a  Kingair - my craft for some years) - around 10 times the fuel use per person per mile on average, is not compatible with her future. Nor is not being around MOST of the time with ones child". Not literally true,  but as shortcut language true - i never flew an aircraft again after conception. And all my licenses lapsed. I never missed it for a moment (it is an awful world of pathetic men needing penile extension, addicted to their dull machinery to define their flacid egos - it is actually a full addiction)

THE ONLY THING that pisses me off among humans in UK (well apart from the fraud the likes of Tariq Ali and Pilger beautifully showed us in their books)  - apart from all environmentalists i have ever met being useless or worse ... the most, is the endless ranty anguish and also mass drug  use and booziness - FACTS twice as many die of alcohol poisoning than 20 years ago - or thereabouts - not because i am puritan, but because i luckily grew out of ALL  such age 25 but because others assume one is an anguished or druggie dangerous person.

This defines my present - has for a few years. Maybe 10 really... the assumption in others even those who see you that you are like the rest. Even the once almost completely placid Marches is full of loony druggies. Hay-on-Wye descended into this 15 ish years ago - violence after drug debts and the alcohol fuelled violence got worse. That stabbing at the silly child-mans record shop. The end for me!

I had to move... yes REAL danger speaking out about the law breakers and hypocrites of the environmental movement.

(the latter group of course all being incomer ex (but still) nervy townies ALL assume one is some ranty potential violator)

All i know is the extremely rare occasion i could not immediately walk away from some lost (drugfuelled in one occasion - even at breakfast time) idiot man  - only twice in my adult life, and have been minorly attacked, i never retaliate. And never report to (loony) police.

Very soon - having had to move on - best decision i accidentally made for years, a local woman  - of the church, i have already assisted in these tragic matters (families battling) i will do an interview with her - she knows i am as calm as can ever be (it actually pisses people off - visiting her to help her write a statement for the fuzz a mad old man gets ranty with me... nothing to do with me..i never react - uk just became a mad angst fuelled society - but people seem to think there is something even worse 'wrong' with you if you don't take part in their absurd foolish melodramas ... i never react. Full stop. Never ever have angst.  But i do believe - likely wrongly, that 'history' needs to have recorded a true version for future generations who may find serenity once more - wont be for a generation or more the way authorities in UK thrive on stirring up melodrama when their JOB is to bring peace...for their own venal ends of course (we became USA years ago where people from corporations to court officers etc etc profit from conflict in families )

All i care about as having wasted 20 years being environmental and knowing biggest waste of time ever (family and the environmental failure are of course fundamentally linked) is no one thinks i am ever ever ranty or anguished. Me up 5.15 every day every day a new day  no hard feelings...society went nuts...not me ever.. especially as i am away from awful angst filled Marches societies (they are - i see the faces of the mother hens of the communities when walking ... their furrowed brows.. their clique-smile drops..)

In fact i am in such a  good mood i have decided to write up things even more fully... Maybe i shall try a crowdfund for a book -  no one ever helps (one patronising old fraud would sometimes bung me a few hundred over last 5ish years...maybe amounts to 5 or 600 toto...otherwise ALL interactions with ANYone ref kid law or eco have only ever cost me..expenses, and so much time its daft... i would love to return every penny to him as i was his 'conscience' [perhaps] but the arrogance of the born-rich...never leaves them i guess... unless they actually mean what they say - as their bibles even say.. and DO  the very very hard work to stand up to the ever present Pharisees and Sadducees - metaphor for useless councillors, lazy and corrupt business and farming who allow illegal or bad practice to ruin rivers,...etc ...and as it happens, every single religious person i have known a decade - many... every single one a snide hypocrite - UTTERLY FRAUDULENT on real 'community' - good works here and now on THIS the whole region has far worse homelessness and other social issues than ever one helps...i do sometimes when i could... fucking liars one and all your regional religious bigots... as my hund4reds of hours of recordings prove... )

Anyway... hard last legal job.. that is ironic.. hard for her... she saw that i was calm as the  gentle cooling Easterly matter what ... as i am always... but she, rightly, wants to write a book about the way the state has used her and her family (ordinary domestic issues) to profit and hurt her so so much..poor woman how embarrassing the charges - a simple many many centuries pattern of hurt aand grief (as she said when we met) at a marriage breaking down with three older kids turns into three charges with horrid words .. when shes  just an ordinary person quite obviously

she can interview me on camera.. and ..i am as ordinary as they come.. but care others may assume otherwise... 

please support a book on eco wankers... hahh hahh maybe thats a good title!!! because that's actually what they were doing...

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yes maybe i shall try that a crowdfund to keep me ticking over while i write a book - it will be an honest crowdfund at least rather than the fraud one came up in Hay-on-Wye as 2020 went on.. a 'charity' record she wanted to make for 5 grand..had that arisen in Kington - ordinary people with SOME values - that would have ended up with 6 months inside for illegally passing self off as charity..(it was in the title  - first word - i have pictures of EVERYthing..)