Wednesday 20 December 2023

 several 'posts' - meaning written entries as update or attempting to explain various aspects of law (i gave up the PEOPLE of uk are so lost they dot deserve law)

ended up beeing mistakenly written as a 'page'  and do not appear

here they are..

plus a few other private pages used over the last year to communicate with the typical mad effete lost 'family'   that were complicit i the emotional damage to my daughter from2010... or someone who may have helped...said she cared.

But then i dont believe one word from any brit ever

(to liberal democrats pretend friends of mine (2022 supposedly Hurds cared about evil, she boasted was only in Panorama as she leaked it ... but they cannot even manage to get their email to work ..over several years - NEVER vote liberal democrat)

Thing is the FULL warts and all story is written online elsewhere... on ralphs****.com over the last year
you have to be a friend to see it...

only those i could trust have been invnited there

anyone here can get the url if somehow ca prove they are allies... 
my number below