Friday 31 March 2023

instagram - does it even allow a 'share'? or is it only for self regarding "look-at-me" types?

oh well...give it a go...

started today:

but i won't be following anyone thank you very much

up to the edge as the photo post says, but i won't be running any Instagram 'campaigns' thank you very much....  someone else could though, if they exist?  If one can share or push instagram posts?

A FEW posts from the last few weeks on this site  that sort of sum it up

SUPERB feature film on uk child services Stalinist behaviour (and the ordinary people who allow it - take part)

I changed the culture so this stuff would come through - no one else could even speak about these horrors even to  to a friend, i alone  changed it so that within a year they could tell the world.

then a few keyish posts, though i also wrote interesting stuff on this site (a few pages back) last year that sum up the legal issues and some on the story - human aspects - quite unique some stories - i read a lot.

recent ones

But all posts here  the last 3 months - go to bottom right hand corner 'older posts'  have bits and bobsos of me waffling etc.,  that are relevant -i haven't had time to edit into a few simpler user friendly pages yet

And bank details, paypal, and so many REAL stories including a great joke about my own prejudice, are here... are all below

As will soon medical records be as someone... once told a truly nasty lie about my  psychological (very distant) past... and those lies can ripple through the decades or longer.

I landlope far and wide,  and also in fact in preparing this i have called up a few of the people i legally counselled  (in their dire childlaw issues) i haven't spoken for decade plus, and ALL now agree... total openness is the only way we truly sort out the nowadays  even worse mess in UK families... i am rather surprised - pleasantly!

Poor Cafcass and latterday naff judges going on about their new showoff word  [we cannot really actually  say too much in public statements due] ..."triangulation" it is laughable

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