Saturday 3 June 2023

And the last act, live from the most absurd talking shop ever

 ever. In Wales

To be posted in a photo tomorrow.

meanwhile..... what is interesting or more likely insane of me, i still wander chatting to people about  the environment ALISTS...

And quite a few seem to 'get' it. And my radar is as good as it get s for bullshit detection, the sickness of 'people pleasing'... WHY the river is and all the others too.

(i have had twice held up in national media for ultra eco hypocrisy....funny thing they would putt a liltle security guard on me for a few years.... once he tried ot follow me to he pissoir.. that was so funny... they arent... and THEY don' like free speech.... about THEM)

And i still say to people " if you wish to have solidarity - the real 07959 526 three eight 1...

i must have a bad disorder.... as they so rarely do. Even those known years.... smiley to my face

Anyway i have 3 superb new younger recruits. 

They haven' got any cash.... 

not that i ever ask...

ANY support - i live on fresh air for years - i have 20 years... welcome. 

Paypal / bank details at bottom of this page on this site  - click on:

i really have to leave Wales forever.....  and somehow make a next living, because they really really do not like anything may besmirch their toxic waste pit... and stop tourists coming, who are such toxic wombles they dont even wish to know "yes even here...rivers fucked..birdlife way fucked.... blah di blah"  they actually believe the tourist board bullshit

No placefor me